Division of Advanced Data Science


Ongoing DRDO LSRB Funded Project:

1.Principal Investigator:  Dr. Susan Elias

Title:               Design and development of a Simulation Model for Predictive Analysis of Load Carriage

Amount :        21 lakhs

Duration :      3 years

Status :           Year III

Funded by: LSRD, DRDO, India

2.Principal Investigator: Dr. Radhika Selvamani
Title: Decision Support System for Water Management in India
Amount : 13,600.00 Euros
Duration : 1 year
Status : Year 1
Funded by: Technical University of Munich – TUM Global Incentive Fund


Collaborative Research Projects:

  • Smart Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring Collaborator: Dr Sarika Jain, Assistant professor, NIT, Kurushetra
  • AARIN: Affordable, Accurate, Reliable and Innovative Mechanism to Protect a Medical Cyber-Physical System using Blockchain Technology
  • P3-Block: Privacy Preserving Parking to Vehicle Users using Blockchain Technology
  • Water management Based on Model Based Diagnosis Engine Foot Print Analysis
  • Elevator Simulation
  • Sentence Clustering
  • Content Grouping and Retrieval in Mobile Devices


Collaborative Industry Projects:

  • Demand Variability Analysis – Nokia Solutions & Networks, Oregadam
  • Freight Recommendation System – Nokia Solution & Networks,  Oregadam
  • Motion Classification – Samsung PRISM
  • DL based Monocular and ToF Depth Fusion – Samsung PRISM