Centre for Cyber Physical systems


Centre for Cyber Physical Systems (CCPS) aims promoting collaborative research activities with impetus on developing and interfacing intelligent devices with enhanced cyber security. The much contemplated Smart cities, Industry 4.0 and Health care 4.0 are quintessentially dependent on the advances realized in CPS, targeting in the process a more responsive, precise, reliable and efficient systems. It is therefore axiomatic that innovation in CPS holds the key in reshaping the world. With the intention to align with the evolution, VIT CCPS will spearhead and support advances in the fundamental knowledge and tools, to make Cyber Physical Systems a pragmatic reality.

The key emphasis of the research centre are:

  • to provide state-of-the- art infrastructure to student fraternity and researchers to create and excel in Cyber physical systems design.
  • to actively engage in fundamental and applied research to solve radical problems using Computer vision, Machine learning, Sensor Networks, Data Analytics, Network and Data security.
  • to seamlessly integrate interdisciplinary technologies and design cyber physical components and systems.
  • to promote Industrial collaboration in cutting edge technologies for innovative product development.
  • to prominently engage in impending application areas such as smart health care, smart merchandise, smart agriculture, etc., and foster economical solutions.



To be a pioneer in imparting social and scientific expertise in research nationwide and to extend globally in the space of Cyber Physical Systems.



  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to student fraternity and researchers to create and excel in Cyber physical systems design.
  • To actively engage in fundamental and applied research to solve radical problems using Computer vision, Machine learning, Sensor Networks, Data Analytics, Network and Data security.
  • To seamlessly integrate interdisciplinary technologies and design cyber physical components and systems.
  • To promote Industrial collaboration in cutting edge technologies for innovative product development.
  • To prominently engage in impending application areas such as smart health care, smart merchandise, smart agriculture, etc., and foster economical solutions.


1An Artificial Intelligence based Non-Invasive System for the Identification and Assessment of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersDST-TIDERs. 41,12,000Dr.Menaka. R (PI),
Dr. R. Manojkumar (Co-PI)
Dr. R. C. Perumal (Co-PI SRMC & RI, Chennai)
2Design and development of wearable biofeedback device for Postnatal Diastasis Recti Abdominis (DRA) patientsDST-BDTDRs. 39,21,632Dr.Menaka. R (PI),
Dr. R. Karthik, (Co-PI)
Ms. P. Ponmathi, (Co-PI)
3Smart Innovative Soil Health Monitoring Aid (SISHMA)DST-DDPRs. 4,39,760Dr. A. Karmel (PI),
Dr. E. Umamaheswari (Co-PI)
Dr. G. Kanimozhi (Co-PI)
Dr. V. Kanchana Devi (Co-PI)
S.No.Name of the CCPS facultyPatent TitlePatent IDYear of PublicationFiled/published/granted
1Dr. R. Menaka &
Dr. R. Karthik
System to assess Diastasis Recti Abdominis exercise using recurrent neural network2023410418132023Published
2Dr. E. UmamaheswariSystem and method to diagnose conjunctivitis in an eye of a user2023410370632023Published


1. Balasundaram, Sruthi Srinivasan, A. Prasad, Jahan Malik, Ayush Kumar Hippocampus Segmentation-Based Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis and Classification of MRI Images, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Volume 48, 2023 [IF:2.807].

2. Balasundaram Ananthakrishnan, Ayesha Shaik, Shubhadip Chakrabarti, Vaishnavi Shukla, Dewanshi Paul and Muthu Subash Kavitha, Smart Diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma Using Convolution Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines, Sustainability Volume 15 2023, [IF: 3.889].

3. A. Balasundaram, Golda Dilip, S. Ashokkumar, M. Manickam, K. Gurunathan & D. Kothandaraman, Detecting True Medicinal Leaves Among Similar Leaves Using Computer Vision and CNN, National Academy Science Letters, Volume 46, 2023, [IF: 0.649].

4. Swagata Boruah, Archit Dehloo, Prajul Gupta, Manas Ranjan Prusty and A. Balasundaram, Gaussian Blur Masked ResNet2.0 Architecture for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection, Computers,Materials & Continua, Volume 75, 2023, [IF:3.86]


1. Asha, S., Usharani, S., Ola, S, “Evaluation of Deep Learning Approaches for Lung Pneumonia Classification”, International Conference on IoT, Intelligent Computing and Security, Volume 982, Pages 367 – 385, 2023, ISSN No. 18761100,URL:https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-19-8136-4_31.

2. Mahato, R., Saadhikha Shree, S., Asha, S. “Wearable Location Tracker for Emergency Management”, International Conference on IoT, Intelligent Computing and Security. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, LNEE,volume 982, pp 19–30, 2023, ISSN No.1876-1119, URL: Wearable Location Tracker for Emergency Management | Springer Link.

Books Published:

1. Suganthi, K., Karthik, R., Rajesh, G., & Ching, P.H.C. (Eds.). (2021). Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques in Wireless and Mobile Networking Systems (1st ed.). CRC Press. https://doi.org/10.1201/9781003107477

Book Chapters:

2023 :

1. Karthik, Makesh Srinivasan, K. Chandhru. (2023). A deep ensemble network for lung segmentation with stochastic weighted averaging. Intelligent Data-Centric Systems, Diagnostic Biomedical Signal and Image Processing Applications with Deep Learning Methods, Academic Press. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/B9780323961295000019

2. Deeksha, S., Ganapathy, S., &Muthumanikandan, V. (2023). An IoT aware Road Accident Prevention System for Smart Cities Using Machine Learning Techniques, In Cyber-Physical System Solutions for Smart Cities (pp. 1-15). IGI Global.


S.NoNameRegister NumberSupervisorStatus
1Ms. R. Kanchana14PHD1034Dr. R. MenakaCompleted
2Ms. Thanga Aarthy18MTR1001Dr. R. MenakaOngoing
3Mr. Karthik R V16PHD1088Dr. S. GanapathyOngoing
4Ms. Sudaroli D16PHD1054Dr. S. GanapathyOngoing
5Ms. Suma S G16PHD1074Dr. S. GanapathyOngoing
6Mr. Selvakumar18PHD1039Dr. A. BalasundaramOngoing
7Mr. K. Dinesh Kumar15PHD1128Dr. E. UmamaheswariCompleted
8Mr. Dipalee Chowdary16PHD1104Dr. E. UmamaheswariOngoing
9Ms. S. Saranya20PHD1016Dr. R. MenakaOngoing
10Ms. T. Illakiya20PHD1211Dr. R. KarthikOngoing
11Mrs Vinitha Joshy22PHD1100Dr. R. MenakaOngoing
1Research AwardDr. R MenakaVIT2022
2Research AwardDr. A. BalasundaramVIT2022
3Research AwardDr. E. UmamaheswariVIT2022
4Research AwardDr. R. KarthikVIT2022
5Research AwardDr. Manas Ranjan PrustyVIT2022
6Research AwardDr. A. BalasundaramVIT2021
7Research AwardDr. E. UmamaheswariVIT2021
8Best Paper AwardDr. R. Menaka and Dr. R. KarthikInternational Virtual Conference on Industry 4.02020
S. NoName of the CompanyDate of SigningFaculty Incharge for point of contactNature of Collaboration
1M/s HCL Technologies Ltd02/09/2021Dr.Menaka R,
Dr.Karthik R
Consultancy Project, Internship for Students,
Joint publications
2SkillsDa, Chennai24/01/2022Dr. S. Asha,
Dr.Ganapathy S
Consultancy Project, Joint publications
3Jumpstart Ninja16/02/2022Dr. E. Umamaheswari
Dr. B. Sruthakeerthi, SAS
Consultancy Project, Internship for Students
4Triumph Solutions09/03/2023Dr. E. UmamaheswariConsultancy Project, Joint publications
S.NoTitleIndustryAmountFacultyStatus Ongoing/Completed
1Anomaly Detection in Metal PartsM/s HCL Technologies Limited.Rs. 1,20,000Dr. A. Balasundaram
Dr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
23D Bin PickingM/s HCL Technologies Limited.Rs. 1,80,000Dr.Menaka
3CybersecurityM/s SS Teck solutionsRs. 70,001Dr.GanapathyCompleted
4Image processing for pest detection in Mango datasetM/s Matic, ChennaiRs. 30,000Dr. AyeshaShaik


Dr. Manas Ranjan Prusty

5Model development for facial parameters-Jumpstart Ninja, ChennaiRs 50,000Dr. E. UmamaheswariOngoing


S.NoName of the eventDateCoordinatorsTarget audience
1Online Workshop on C and C++05.07.2021 To


Dr. S. AshaFaculty, Industry Person, Research Scholar, Students
2Nuances of Research Paper Writing and Publications5.1.2022 & 6.1.2022Dr. S. GanapathyResearch Scholars & Faculties


Invited Talks:

S. NoTitle of the TalkDateName of the Resource PersonName of the programmeTarget audience
1Web Penetration Testing22-09-2020Dr. Asha SFaculty Development ProgrammeFaculties
2Blockchain Application with Customer Relationship Management13.11.2020Dr. E .UmamaheswariWebinar – SeminarStudents & faculties
3Automation Testing – Selenium, Cucumber Testing24.11.2020Dr. E. UmamaheswariWebinar – SeminarStudents & faculties
4Smart Merchandising12.11.2020Dr. E. UmamaheswariWebinar – SeminarStudents & faculties
5Problem Solving using Python10.06.2021Dr. E. UmamaheswariWebinarStudents & faculties
6Problem Solving using Python27.07.2021Dr. E. UmamaheswariWebinarStudents & faculties
7Role of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care24.2.2021 &Dr. S. GanapathyWebinarStudents & faculties
8Role of AI in Deep Learning Techniques23.7.2020Dr. S. GanapathyAICTE Sponsored FDPFaculties
9Introduction to IoT security and research opportunities25.11.2020Dr. S. GanapathyFaculty Development ProgrammeFaculties
10Role of AI and ML in Cybersecurity9.12.2020Dr. S. GanapathyAICTE Sponsored FDPFaculties
11Role of AI in Deep Learning Techniques and Applications24.9.2020Dr. S. GanapathyAICTE Sponsored FDPFaculties
12Role of Artificial Intelligence in ML and Health Care4.8.2020Dr. S. GanapathySTTPFaculties
13Exploratory Data Analysis using Python19.6.2020Dr. S. GanapathyWebinarStudents & Faculties
14Role of AI in ML and DL15.09.2020Dr. S. GanapathyFaculty Development ProgrammeFaculties
15BigData Analytics20.06.2021Dr. S. GanapathyWebinarStudents & Faculties
16An overview on Domain Specific Analytics10.02.2021Dr. R. KarthikFDPFaculties
17Imparting Intelligence using Computer Vision5.3.2021Dr. Balasundaram AWebinarStudents & Faculties
18Artificial Intelligence in Data Science1.11.2021Dr. S. GanapathyValue Added ProgramStudents
19REFRESHER COURSE HRD COMPUTER SCIENCE18.11.2021Dr. S. AshaCourse Refresh ProgramStudents
20Role of ML/DL in Network Security7.12.2021Dr. S. GanapathyFDPFaculties
21Deep Learning Techniques23.12.2021Dr. S. GanapathyFDPFaculties
22Public Key Cryptography27.12.2021Dr. S. AshaAICTE-ISTE Sponsored Induction / Refresher programFaculties & Students
23Nuances of Research Paper Writing and Publications5.1.2022 & 6.1.2022Dr. S. GanapathyWorkshopResearch Scholars & Faculties


Conference organized:

S.NoName of the eventDateCoordinatorsTarget audience
1International Conference on Innovative Technology for Sustainable Development27.01.2021 to 29.01.2021Dr. S. AshaStudents, Research Scholars & Faculties
2International Virtual Conference on Industry 4.0 – 20219.12.2021 & 10.12.2021Dr. S. Asha,
Dr. S. Ganapathy
Dr. A. Balasundaram
Students, Research Scholars & Faculties
32nd International Conference on Innovative Technology for Sustainable Development (ICITSD)27.1.2022 & 28.1.2022Dr.S.AshaStudents, Research Scholars & Faculties
2023 – Phase-1
S.NoStudent Reg NoStudent NameFaculty name
220BPS1022PREYASHDr. R. Karthik
320BLC1042GEETHA K SDr. R. Karthik
420BEC1103ASWIN RDr. R. Karthik
520MIA1002M SIVAKUMARDr. R. Karthik
620MIA1076RAGAVENDRA RDr. R. Karthik
720BRS1035HritikGoelDr. R. Karthik
820BRS1094Rishik KumarDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
920BRS1214DevikaRajasekarDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1020BPS1014A S GIRISH THEJADr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1120BCE1150S.RohitMadhavanDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1220BCE1797A PhilipDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1320BEC1009ANEESH JAYAN PDr. R. Menaka
1420BEC1354BALAMADHAN SDr. R. Menaka
1520BEC1361AISHWAR HARIS JDr. R. Menaka
1620BEC1237PRAHALADHAN V BDr. R. Menaka
1720BEC1255MUKESH BDr. R. Menaka
1820BEC1053NITHISH PDr. R. Menaka
1920BRS1048Japmann Kaur BangaDr. A. Balasundaram
2020BCE1022Aman Kumar SinghDr. A. Balasundaram
2120BAI1308AkshatKeshavDhamaleDr. A. Balasundaram
2220BAI1075Aditya MacDr. A. Balasundaram
2320BRS1075Aman GuptaDr. A. Balasundaram
2420BRS1185Abdul Aziz A.BDr. A. Balasundaram
2520MIA1134ATUL PATELDr. A. Balasundaram
2620Mia1066PiyaliSahaDr. A. Balasundaram
2720MIA1147Shashank PandeyDr. A. Balasundaram
2820BCE1945Jesmine AkhterDr. A. Balasundaram
2920BRS1114Sai Samyuktha NDr. A. Balasundaram
3020BRS1258HarshithaDevinaAntoDr. A. Balasundaram
3120BRS1150Alabhya SharmaDr. A. Balasundaram
3220BRS1083SWAATHY KDr. A. Balasundaram
3320BCE1445Uditi GuptaDr. A. Balasundaram
3420BRS1120Lavish R JainDr. A. Balasundaram
3520BCE1429Debduhita BanerjeeDr. A. Balasundaram
3620BAI1280Sanjay K SDr. A. Balasundaram
3720BCE1115Souradyuti ChoudhuryDr.Umamaheswari E
3820MIA1110Kowshikaa KSDr.Umamaheswari E
3920BLC1002Nitin K ShineDr.Umamaheswari E
4020MIA1035Himanshu MittalDr.Umamaheswari E
4120BCE1289Yashvardhan GuptaDr.Umamaheswari E
S.NoStudent Reg NoStudent NameFaculty name
119BCE1222Pujala Shree LekhaDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
220BCE1383GayatriLellapalliDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
319BEE1227Annika GuptaDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
419BCE1473Pratyush Raj MishraDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
519BCE1403GeroshShibu GeorgeDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
620BCE1640Panav SinhaDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
719BCE1045DivyanuBahetiDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
819BCE1308Abhishek YadavDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
920BCE1109Sanyam SharmaDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1019BAI1009Rishi DineshDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1119BPS1014Alapati Lakshmi ViswanathDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1220BCE1975HariketSukesh Kumar ShethDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
1319BEC1293SiddharthbasuDr. R. Menaka
1419BEC1100Satvik GuptaDr. R. Menaka
1519BEC1133G.MohanTejaDr. R. Menaka
1619BEC1458SanjuctaChoudaryDr. R. Menaka
1720BEC1105Tashmoy GhoshDr. R. Menaka
1820BEC1248SamalShubhamSashikantaDr. R. Menaka
1919BEC1315Gaurav PrasannaDr. R. Menaka
2019BPS1030SwadeepDr. R. Menaka
2119BPS1086HandeAtharrvaDevendraDr. R. Menaka
2219BEC1208Akilesh KumarDr. R. Menaka
2319BEC1242AravindanDr. R. Menaka
2419BEC1453KuppilliVenkata Sai DurgaAashish KumarDr. R. Menaka
2519BEC1084S HarshavardhanDr. R. Menaka
2620BRS1060NirupamaRathinavelDr. E. Umamaheswari
2719BEE1058NiveditaShainaj NairDr. E. Umamaheswari
2820MIS1161Rajveer KalsiDr. E. Umamaheswari
2920BCE1289Yashvardhan GuptaDr. E. Umamaheswari
3019BPS1027Mohammad Hazik BhatDr. E. Umamaheswari
3119BEC1393S ReshmaDr. E. Umamaheswari
3220BEC1083AshnaVermaDr. E. Umamaheswari
3319BEC1203Sanket Sandeep DeshmaneDr. E. Umamaheswari
3420BCE1784Srujankumar R ADr. E. Umamaheswari
3520MIS1024Shanthoshkumar RDr. E. Umamaheswari
3619MIS1151Yogeshwar GDr. E. Umamaheswari
3719BCE1040HarshitMaheshwariDr. S. Asha
3820BCE1908Aryan BhardwajDr. S. Asha
3920BPS1030Aditya Kumar GuptaDr. S. Asha
4019BEC1216NandiniSachanDr. S. Asha
4119BEC1401Mathangi V.SDr. S. Asha
4220BPS1149Pradhyuman AroraDr. S. Asha
4320BPS1078Disha GuptaDr. S. Asha
4420BPS1022PreyashDr. S. Asha
4520BPS1053Aravind PDr. S. Asha
4620BLC1048AKHIL R NAIRDr. S. Asha
4720BCE1223Manigandan RDr. S. Asha
4819BEC1385KRUPAA SDr. S. Asha
4920BPS1119SRIVIDHYA SDr. S. Asha
5020BCE1278Timothy Thomas GeorgeDr. R. Karthik
5120BLC1038ParasaSasidharDr. R. Karthik
5220MIA1028Yash ShahDr. R. Karthik
5319BEC1323Sameeha HussainDr. R. Karthik
5419BLC1112P SiddharthDr. R. Karthik
5519BAI1035S O NarendranDr. A. Balasundaram
5620BCE1189KhushiMattuDr. A. Balasundaram
5720BAI1167SOHAM KUMARDr. A. Balasundaram
5920BLC1105Dewanshi PaulDr. A. Balasundaram
6020BAI1036Vaishnavi ShuklaDr. A. Balasundaram
6119MIA1077Gaurav TrivediDr. A. Balasundaram
6220BCE1350SAANJHI SARAOGIDr. A. Balasundaram
6320BCE1378SakshiSaraogiDr. A. Balasundaram
6419BCE1359Paras GargDr. A. Balasundaram
6519BAI1036VaibhavDr. A. Balasundaram
6620BRS1095SHIVAM AKHOURIDr. A. Balasundaram
6719BCE1159Aditi AgarwalDr.S.Ganapathy
6819BCE1031Soumyarup ChatterjeeDr.S.Ganapathy
7019BCE1511Satyaki MandalDr.S.Ganapathy
7119BEE1017Ankan ChakrabortyDr.S.Ganapathy
7419BPS1006Vikrant ThoidingjamDr.S.Ganapathy
7519BPS1036Amrit SenDr.S.Ganapathy
S.NoStudent Reg NoStudent NameFaculty name
119BAI1037SrutiNayagiDr.Balasundaram A
219BAI1107Padmaja VDr.Balasundaram A
319BCE1388Vijay MDr.Balasundaram A
419BAI1046Sruthi SrinivasanDr.Balasundaram A
519BAI1061Prasad ADr.Balasundaram A
619BAI1042Jahan MalikDr.Balasundaram A
719BCE1067Saumya BhardwajDr.Balasundaram A
819BLC1181Jaiveer Singh RathoreDr.Balasundaram A
919BAI1048Ayush KumarDr.Balasundaram A
1019BCE1303VedangSawarkarDr.Balasundaram A
1119BEC1179Ipshita DasDr.Balasundaram A
1218BEC1141Ekta LalDr.Balasundaram A
1318BEC1056ANINDITA BANERJEEDr.Balasundaram A
1419BEE1040OJASWA YADAVDr. R. Karthik
151BEC1281FAIZ KHANDr. R. Karthik
1619BCE1328SANIKA KULKARNIDr. R. Karthik
1719BCE1295TEJAS VAICHOLEDr. R. Karthik
1819BCE1427BHAVYA GUPTADr. R. Karthik
2019BEC1125NEHAL ASWANIDr. R. Karthik
2119BPS1131SHIVAM BATRADr. R. Karthik
2419BCE1449CHANDHRU KDr. R. Karthik
2619BEE1023ADARSH JKDr.E.Umamaheswari
2719BPS1075SAADHIKHA SHREE SDr.E.Umamaheswari
2919BEE1066Kishore RDr.E.Umamaheswari
3119MIS1151Yogeshwar GDr.E.Umamaheswari
3219BEC1231Matheshwara ASDr.E.Umamaheswari
3319BEC1235Anil Shankar SDr.E.Umamaheswari
3419BCE1486M. DurgaSamhithaDr.E.Umamaheswari
3519BEC1107RudraPratap SinghDr.E.Umamaheswari
3619BEC1314Souranil DasDr.E.Umamaheswari
3719BCE1204Chinmayee DasDr. S. Asha
3819BPS1130RajashriMahatoDr. S. Asha
3918BCE1266GANESAN CKMDr. S. Asha
4018BCE1238Siddharth NairDr. S. Asha
4218BEC1280SABARISH SDr. S. Asha
4319BPS1028SPARSH RAJDr. S. Asha
4419BCE1287BASTA ADITYADr. S. Asha
4520BAI1186LAKSHA SEKARDr. S. Asha
4717BEC1184Sai KumareshDr. S. Asha
4819BCE1683ShreyanshSatapathyDr. S. Asha
4919BCE1472ZARA IQBALDr. S. Asha
5119BPS1093AJAYKUMAR MDr. S. Asha
5319BCE1418BhumikaVermaDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
5419BCE1644CharuAnant RajputDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
5519BPS1083SahilFaizalDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
5619BCE1508RupaliTripathiDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
5719BAI1143Abishek MaheshDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
5819BLC1162Deeptimaan BanerjeeDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
5919BLC1179AhonaSahaDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
6018BLC1109SWAGATA BORUAHDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
6118BCE1037PRAJUL GUPTADr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
6218BEC1061ARCHIT DEHLOODr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
6319BCE1094Nisith Kumar PatiDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
6419BCE1866K Manoj KumarDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
6518BCE1348Sai Asish YDr. Manas Ranjan Prusty
6619BLC1077Santhosh VDr.S.Ganapathy
6719BLC1120Srihari PDr.S.Ganapathy
6919BPS1059Anirudh SDr.S.Ganapathy
7019BCE1056Jugal JainDr.S.Ganapathy
7218BEC1212Girish YDr.S.Ganapathy
7320BRS1185Abdul Aziz AhamadBahrudeenDr.S.Ganapathy
7420BRS1075Aman GuptaDr.S.Ganapathy
7618BCE1180Lokesh KumarDr.S.Ganapathy
7919BCE1589Jaya VigneshDr.S.Ganapathy
8019BCE1602Sai AsishDr.S.Ganapathy
Congratulations to the 12 shortlisted teams of the Gen-A-Thon hackathon, sponsored by GS Lab|GAVS Technologies! The Centre for Cyber Physical Systems, VIT Chennai, extends its warmest wishes to the following teams for future endeavors in the competition. Out of 81 teams and 221 participants, 12 teams have been shortlisted for the finals. 

Many Thanks to all the participants who put in their best efforts, commendable hard work and dedication. Looking forward to your continued participation in our upcoming events.

Best of luck to the shortlisted teams!