Centre for Healthcare Advancement, Innovation and Research (CHAIR)

The multidisciplinary centre for Healthcare Advancement, Innovation and  Research aims in bringing a fresh perspective to the challenges of embedding health and social care innovations, sustainability at large.  We, actively, encompass to be at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in teaching, training & research by setting an example in preserving lives & providing all technological solutions under one roof at an affordable cost. We bring together experts from a variety of disciplines across, including electronics engineers, bioengineers, computer scientists, chemists, healthcare Professionals and clinicians. Some of the thrust areas include bio-signals/bio-imaging, speech signal, developing biosensors, wearable technology, eHealth & telemedicine, non-invasive medical devices, rehabilitative and assistive device technology, BCI applications, biomechanics, biorobotics, bioinformatics, clinical support/data management system and also on developing computer-aided affordable diagnostic tools through technological intervention.

The key emphasis of research centre is:

  • To strengthen innovation and technology in healthcare by focusing on signal and image processing solutions using artificial intelligence concepts, with prime focus on machine learning and deep learning technology.
  • To bridge the gap between healthcare sciences and technology transformation by developing innovative products.
  • To develop low-cost flexible novel 2D-nanomaterial-based biosensors with high sensitivity and theranostic agents for cancer imaging and targeting.
  • To design affordable, rehabilitative assistive technology components and diagnostic tools for conducive healthcare solutions benefiting society at large.


1Ambulatory Prenatal Observation using Cardiotocography, Uterine Activity Findings And AI Methods20214105413724-11-2021John Sahaya Rani Alex, Annis Fathima.A, A.R.Mirunalini, Shwetha.S, Varsha SriPublished
2Optimal sub-band wavelet cepstral coefficient technique for speech recognition20204104542806-11-2020

John sahaya rani alex,

Nithya venkatesan

3Disease detection and identification for coconut plantation20204104542606-11-2020

John sahaya rani alex,

Abhishek verma,

Mr. Piyush singh

S.NoTitleFunding  Agency



1Deep learning-based multi-task and multimodal study to assess the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s diseaseDST-GITA
38,40,528Dr.John Sahaya Rani Alex
Dr. Jeetashree Aparajeeta
3 years
2Artificial Intelligence for affordable screening and prediction of Diabetic retinopathy in framework of big dataDBT2,72,232,00Dr. Suchetha M2022-2024

Signal Processing using Variational Mode Decomposition based Adaptive Structures



Dr. Suchetha M




  1. Edwin Dhas., Suchetha.Energy Dependent RLS Architecture for the Separation of Fetal ECG using Thoracic and Abdominal Lead ECG of Mother”, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2023. (IF:5.6)
  2. Sateesh Kumar Reddy, C., Suchetha. “A 1-D CNN-FCM model for the classification of epileptic seizure disorders.” Neural Computing & Applications, Vol.33, pages17871–17881, 2023. (IF: 6.012)
  3. Hari Krishnan S.,Rajiv Raman., Suchetha. “ Comparative performance of deep learning architectures in the classification of diabetic retinopathy.” International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, Vol.44, pages 23-35, 2023. (IF: 0.7)
FacultyBook Title/Chapter NameISBN no.yearPublisher
Vijayarajan R, Sangeetha N, Karthik R, Kethepalli Mallikarjuna

Handbook of Research on Deep Learning-Based Image Analysis Under Constrained and Unconstrained Environments /

Chapter 8: Performance Analysis of VGG19 Deep learning network based Brain Image Fusion




DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6690-9

IGI Global

Karthik.R, Nandana B, Mayuri Patil, Chandreyee Basu, Vijayarajan R

Handbook of Research on Deep Learning-Based Image Analysis Under Constrained and Unconstrained Environments /

Chapter 15: Performance Analysis of GAN Architecture for Effective Facial Expression Synthesis




DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6690-9

IGI Global


Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs)
S.NoInternational AgencyDateFaculty
1Phoenix Medical Systems23-11-2022

Dr. R.Vijayarajan


 Joint project, Internship (with stipend)
2Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) , Singapore Dec,2020Dr.M.Suchetha Joint research projects and publications


Research Scholars working in Centre

S NoName TitleStatus
1George Jacob
(VIT Vellore)
Simulation and Analysis of Graphene Surface Plasmons on dielectrics for flexible Antenna Applications



2Navaneeth BhaskarDeep learning approaches to detect and classify chronic kidney diseasecompleted
3D. BhagyaQuantitative analysis of capnography for cardiopulmonary diseasecompleted
4Ranjith KumarDespeckling of SAR imagesOn-going
5Sateesh kumarEpilepsy and seizure detection and classificationOn-going
6Joseph AntonyVehicle prediction using deep learning modelsOn-going
7Manikandan R2D-nanomaterials synthesis, characterization and device fabricationOn-going
8S.Sam Baskar BagavathsinghInvestigation of SiC based nanostructures for third generation solar cellsOn-going
9Nasheeda V PDetection and Classification of Multiple SclerosisOn-going
10Shree Devi SClassification of  ADHD Using  FNIRS  and  Eye Movement trackingOn-going
11.Kantharao Kancharla2D-Nanomaterials based Heavy Metal-ion SensingOn-going
12.Kavitha Rani T.Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Pesticides Biosensing ApplicationsOn-going
13GeethukrishnanDevelopment of 2D-Nanomaterials based BiosensorsOn-going
14Edwin DhasAdaptive filters to remove fetal ECG signal from mother’s ECGOn-going
15Gowri Prasood U.Speech Recognition of Speech Impaired PersonOn-going



S NoAward/Recognition AgencyFacultyYear
1IEEE Publication Award (3 papers in Journal)IEEE MadrasDr. M. Suchetha2021


1.IEEE Publication Award (3 papers)Dr. M.SuchethaIEEE Madras2020
2.Reviewer RecognitionDr. Ilavarasi A KElsevier (Measurement)2020
3.Reviewer RecognitionDr.R.VijayarajanElsevier (Biomedical signal processing and control)2020
4.Reviewer RecognitionDr. Kiran Kumar TadiSens. Act. B/Elsevier2020
5.Reviewer RecognitionDr. Kiran Kumar TadiJournal of Fluorine Chemistry/Elsevier2020




IEEE Publication Award

(4 medals for 4 papers)

Dr.M.SuchethaIEEE Madras2019
2.Appreciation awardDr.John Sahaya Rani AlexIEEE SPS2019


1.Young Researcher Award-  Republic day Achievers AwardDr.M.SuchethaIntelligent Research India2018


1.Outstanding Professional award – Women AchieversDr.M.SuchethaFICCI-FLO2017
2.Reviewer RecognitionDr. Gargi RainaNature Publishing Group2017
3.Chemosensors Travel AwardDr. Kiran Kumar TadiMDPI Publishers2017
4.The Arskin Postdoctoral FellowshipDr. Kiran Kumar TadiThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel2017


Diabetes detection from breath (Faculty: Dr.M.Suchetha &  Research Scholar: S.Lekha)

Chronic kidney disease detection from saliva(Faculty: Dr.M.Suchetha & Research Scholar: Navaneeth Bhaskar)

Cardiorespiratory Abnormalities from breath (Faculty: Dr.M.Suchetha & Research Scholar: D.Bhagya)

Sleep Apnea Detection from ECG signal (Faculty: Dr.M.Suchetha & Research Scholar: S.Smruthy)

Harnessing the 2-dimensional material, Fluorinated graphene for the fabrication of highly sensitive, selective and fast responsive ammonia sensor (Faculty: Kiran Kumar Tadi)

Training & Events

Workshop/FDPs Organized:

S. No.Title of the Event CoordinatorsDate
1Online training on Android App Development for Healthcare Application with IoTDr. John Sahaya Rani Alex & Dr.A.K.Ilavarasi17-18 October 2020
2Joint Industry-Academia”Online Workshop on SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY”Dr. Kiran kumar Tadi & Dr. Gargi RainaJuly 16, 2021
3Faculty Development Program on Novel “Nanomaterial based Flexible and Wearable Devices for Health-care Applications”Dr. Gargi Raina and Dr. Kiran Kumar TadiJuly 5-9, 2021
4Faculty Development Programme on “PYTHON for Vision Techniques”Dr. John Sahaya Rani Alex  &
Dr. A. Annis Fathima
26-30, July, 2021
5One Day workshop on Machine Learning for Image classificationDr.R.Vijayarajan &
Dr.S.Sathiya Narayanan
6Two-day workshop on Deep Learning for Signal Processing Dr.John Sahaya Rani Alex7-8 ,August,2021


Guest Lectures / Webinars/Seminars Organized: 


S. No.Title Name and Affiliation of the SpeakerCoordinatorsDate 
1International Webinar on Design of Novel Nano-platforms for Microbial Detection and DisinfectionDr. Chevva Harish,
Material Research Analyst,
JUUL Labs, California, USA
Dr. Gargi Raina26/10/2020
2International Webinar on Artificial Intelligence-An Industry PerspectiveMr. R. Karthikeyan from Kochi industries, USADr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
3Webinar on Data science for HealthcareDr.R.Joseph Manoj, Data Scientist, Hexaware Technologies, ChennaiDr.R.Vijayarajan
4Data Science for HealthcareMr. Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Director of AI Research, Zoho CorporationDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
5Python programming for AI-an overviewMr. Harshal Mumbaikar, SoC Design Engineer, Intel Technology, IndiaDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
6International Webinar on Roadmap for machine learning and data science using pythonMr. Dhaval Patel, Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP, US and YoutuberDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
7Augmented and virtual reality impact on manufacturing and medicineMr. Saketh Bhagavatula, Co-Founder at Liminal Tech Pvt. Ltd., MumbaiDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
8Introduction and application of IoTMr. Sridhar Ramasubban, Core Member of Singularity Automation, IndiaDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
9International Guest Lecture on  “Flexible Electronic devices for Healthcare Applications”Dr. Mohit R. Kulkarni,
Research Fellow, School of MSE,  Nanyang Technical University, Singapore
Dr. Gargi Raina16/03/2021
10International webinar on Raw Waveform-based Acoustic modeling and its AnalysisDr. Mathew Magimai Doss,Senior Researcher at the Idiap Research Institute, Martigny, Switzerland & lecturer at EPFLDr. John Sahaya Rani Alex20/3/2021
11Rise of citizen- data scientistsMr. Saurabh Moody, CEO of Alphaa.ai, Noida, IndiaDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
12Robotics & BeyondVarshini Kannan, Robotics Software Engineer, Mowito
Shilpa Rudrapathy J, Xarvin, Electronics Engineer, TeamIndus Lab2Moon
Dr.Guga Priya
13Threat Intelligence in VUCA worldMr. Manoj Reddy, Cyber Security Analyst, Indian Law InstituteDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
14Industrial IoT & AutomationMr. Amit Kumar Choudhary, Head, Technology and Training, Pragya MikaDr.Suchetha
Dr.Guga Priya
15Introduction to automationMr. Senthilnathan R, Senior Technical Engineer Technocrats Automation,
Dr.Guga Priya
16Introduction to assembly commands and firmware for any hardwareMr. Nitin Desai, Senior Engineer DFT, Microchip,BangaloreDr. John Sahaya Rani Alex &
Dr. Sivasubramanian.A
17Distinguished Lectures – SeminarProf. Shubha Tole, Senior Professor,TIFR, Mumbai
Prof. Rajesh Ganapathy, Professor, JNCASR, Bangalore
Dr. Gargi Raina (VIT Chennai) & Dr. Partha S. Mallick (VIT Vellore)25/03/2022


S. NoTitleOrganizationAmountFacultyStatus
1Data Modeling Based on Bathymetric Map Analysis for Marine Underwater SurveyPacific Blu Subsea Services, UAE2165AEDDr. Ilavarasi A KCompleted
2Synthesis of Two Dimensional Nanomaterials for Biomedical ApplicationsAvanz Bio Pvt. Ltd, ChennaiRs. 15,000/-Dr.Kiran Kumar TadiOngoing
3Virtual VISNSankara Nethralaya, ChennaiRs. 3,00,000/-

Dr. John Sahaya Rani Alex

Dr. Prakash V


Invited Talk

S. NoTitle Organization DateFaculty
1Challenges in Medical Image ProcessingCVT College of Engineering, Hyderabad20-12-2022Dr.R.Vijayarajan
2Digital Image Processing: A MATLAB perspectiveJerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai24-08-2022Dr.R.Vijayarajan
3Artificial Intelligence in Medical diagnosticsSSN College of Engineering, Chennai16-18 Nov 2022Dr.M. Suchetha
4AI for WerablesSona College of Technology21-04-2022Dr.M. Suchetha
5AI for Medical Image AnalysisGMR Institute of Technology, Rajam, AP25-03-2022Dr.R.Vijayarajan
6Brain Tumour classification using ML algorithmsRajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai05-03-2022Dr.R.Vijayarajan
7AI for medical image analysisVIT, Chennai27-02-2022Dr.R.Vijayarajan
8Machine learning and its applicationsRGM College of Engineering and Technology, Nandyal, AP20-11-2021Dr.R.Vijayarajan
9Machine Learning for image classificationSiddartha Institute of Science and Technology (Autonomous), Puttur21-06-2021Dr.R.Vijayarajan
10Machine Learning for Medical image analysisBMS Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore01-06-2021Dr.R.Vijayarajan
11Introduction to computer visionVIT, Chennai08-04-2021Dr.R.Vijayarajan
12Leveraging Machine learning with Evolutionary optimizationKarpagam Academy of Higher Education16.02.2021Dr. Ilavarasi A K
13Design and Development of Ultrathin Nanomaterials based BiosensorsMarwadi University, Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA18-09-2021Dr. Kiran Kumar Tadi
14Harnessing the Intrinsic Properties of  Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for BiosensingInternational Conference on “New Horizons and Trends in Chemical Sciences – 2022” Organized by DADA RAMCHAND BAKHRU SINDHU MAHAVIDYALAYA, Nagpur26-03-2022Dr. Kiran Kumar Tadi