Centre for Healthcare Advancement, Innovation and Research

Funded Projects

S.NoTitleFunding  AgencyAmount


1Deep learning-based multi-task and multimodal study to assess the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s diseaseDST-GITA
38,40,528Dr.John Sahaya Rani Alex
Dr. Jeetashree Aparajeeta
3 years
2Artificial Intelligence for affordable screening and prediction of Diabetic retinopathy in framework of big dataDBT2,72,232,00Dr. Suchetha M2022-2024
3Signal Processing using Variational Mode Decomposition based Adaptive Structures


ISRO28,42,000Dr. Suchetha M


4Development of flexible,light weight,Eco friendly and wearable conductive polymer foams for the Bio Sensing ApplicationsSERB-POWER21,97,000Dr. Jeyanthi S

Dr. Lenin Babu

Dr. Suchetha M

5Development of automated classification algorithm for studying cognitive behaviour from Scalp EEG signalsSEED Grant3,00,000Dr. Suchetha M2019-2020
6Multimodal analysis of muscle action potential (MAP) using bio-potential signals under the controlled physical activitySEED Grant3,50,000Dr.Ranjeet Kumar

Dr. Suchetha M

Dr.Asish Kumar

7Early discovery and administration of Parkinson’s disease using biosignalsSEED Grant2,50,000Dr.John SAhaya Rani Alex, Prof. Maanvizhi2022-2023
8Development of a Low-cost and Disposable Biosensor for the Detection of Heavy Metal Ions in Water and Soil SamplesSEED Grant4,22,500Dr. Kiran Kumar Tadi2022-2023

IEEE Chapter Grant:

S.NoTitle Funding  AgencyAmountFaculty AdvisorYear
1IEEE SPS Chapter Initiative grantIEEE, USAUS$ 2000Dr. M. Suchetha2021
2IEEE SPS Chapter Initiative grantIEEE, USAUS$ 1000Dr.John Sahaya Rani Alex2021
3IEEE RAS Chapter Initiative grantIEEE,USAUS$ 1000Dr.M.Suchetha2020
4IEEE RAS Chapter Initiative grantIEEE,USAUS$ 2000Dr.M.Suchetha2019
5IEEE RAS Chapter Initiative grantIEEE,USAUS$ 500Dr.M.Suchetha2018


Developmental project with VIT , Vellore

NameFunding AgencyCo-ordinatorAmount (Lakhs)Status
Nanotechnology  with specialization in Nanoelectronics and NanophotonicsDST, Nano MissionDr.Gargi Raina462 LakhsOn-going
Nanotechnology  with specialization in Nanoelectronics and NanophotonicsDST, Nano MissionDr.Gargi Raina294 Lakhscompleted