Centre for Innovation and Product Development


The fast pace of technological advances in recent times mandates the students to be industry-ready by acquiring wider skills while graduating from the institutes of higher education. In line with the above, the Centre for Innovation and Product Development (CIPD) has been established to act as a forum to enable students to implement their novel and creative ideas originating from fundamental concepts learned in the classroom and to perpetuate the hands-on knowledge gained in the laboratory into a new product or a novel process.

The CIPD at VIT Chennai aims to develop new products — both hardware and software — that will have a social impact by leveraging exhaustive technology. The interdisciplinary learning that ensues at CIPD loosens the complexities set by the conventional boundaries of department/school structure.  The collaborative advantage of the centre facilitates research scholars and students across schools to come together and utilize the ideas, perspectives and exclusive skills of one another to solve problems beyond the scope of a single discipline.

Objectives :

  • To enhance the comfort properties of seamed fabric for high active sportswear applications
  • Design and development of vision sensor integrated algorithm for automatic assembly system
  • To develop miniature devices for space- and bio-applications using innovative processes and low-cost materials
  • To develop products from natural fibre reinforced polymer composite materials
  • To develop Aerodynamic aids for better cornering stability and drag reduction on commercial vehicles


  1. Venkatachalam, G., and Kovalan, S., 21/07/2017, “Garlic peeler attachment for a home mixer”, Indian Patent, Design patent no-285552 – Awarded
  2. Om Prakash Sahu, 21/02/2020, “IADA – IOT-Based Technology: Intelligent Automotive Device, System and Process using IoT-based Technology”, Published.

The details of the funded projects (both completed and ongoing projects) handled in the recent past by the faculty members (as PI or Co-PI) of CIPD are provided hereunder.

S. NoFaculty / Principal InvestigatorProject TitleFunding AgencyYearsStatusAmount (Rs)
1Dr. Ravi Sankar. AThermal-Drift Aware Modeling and Design of Surface Stress based Micro/Nano Composite     Cantilevers with Integrated Piezoresistors for Biosensing Applications.SERB, DST2017-19Completed22,12,100
2Dr G.VenkatachalamInvestigation on mechanical characterization of cellulose nanofibrils (cnf) reinforced composites obtained through chemical pretreatment and mechanical grindingInstitution of Engineers (India), Kolkata, India2018-2020Completed30,000
3Dr. Vinayagamurthy. GInfluence of Airplane wake-vortices on the layout and infrastructure of AirportsSERB, DST2015-19Completed15,35,000


  1. Here, we have provided the details of research manuscripts published by the faculty members of the research group in peer-reviewed, TR indexed and/or Scopus indexed journals.
  2. YEAR: 2015
    1. Ribu Mathew and A. Ravi Sankar, “Design of a triangular platform piezoresistive affinity microcantilever sensor for biochemical sensing applications,” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol-48, 205402, 2015.
    2. Venkatachalam, G., Gupta, A. and Gautham Shankar, A., “Flexural analysis of coir fibre reinforced hybrid polymer matrix composites,” Composites: Mechanics, computations, applications, Vol. 6(2), pp 105 – 112, 2015.
    3. Ramakishorebabu, G., Revanthkumar, J., Anandh, P., Venkatachalam, G., and prabaharan, G.P., “Investigations on wear and frictional characteristics of hybrid polymer,” Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 766-767, pp 34-37, 2015.

K. B. Rajasekarababu, G. Vinayagamurthy “Assessment of local pressure coefficient over conventional and unconventional tall buildings” In book: Innovative Design, Analysis and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering-2020, Book Chapter ISBN: 978-981-13-2696-7 PP: 145-152 Published by Springer.



The details of the research scholar (M. Tech. (by Research) and PhD) worked/working under the supervision of the faculty members of the research centre are provided hereunder:


The details of the consultancy work carried out (both completed and ongoing) by the research faculty of CIPD jointly with the colleagues of School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC) in the recent past are provided hereunder. 

S.NoFacultyTopicFunding AgencyYearsStatusAmount (Rs)

Dr. Vinayagamurthy. G

& Dr. Davidson

2DCFD analysis of Vertical Axis Tidal TurbineST Advanced Composites2019-20Completed12,272

Dr. Sivakumar. R,       Dr. Davidson and

Dr. Vinayagamurthy. G

3D CFD, FE & Mock up testing of floating vertical axis tidal turbineST Advanced Composites2020-21In Progress3,58,000

The details of the existing hardware and software facilities available for research work of the Centre for Innovation and Product Development are given hereunder:


  • Digital Analytical Balance with 0.1mg accuracy
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • DC Regulated Power Supply with CC
  • Magnetic stirrer and Hot Plate
  • Hot Air oven
  • Spin coating system with oil-free vacuum pump
  • Island Chemical Work bench
  • Two Fume Hoods
  • Electro Chemical Discharge Machine
  • X Y Z Motion System for ECDM Application



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