Centre for Innovation and Product Development (CIPD)

Research Scholars Involved with the Research Centre

The details of the research scholars (Ph.D. and M. S. (by Research)) worked/working under the supervision of the faculty members of the research center are provided hereunder:
Doctoral Research Scholars – Completed

S. NoName of the ScholarTitle of the ThesisSupervisorYear of completion
1S. M. SakthivelVLSI Implementation of Image Watermarking AlgorithmsDr. A. Ravi Sankar2020
2K. V. MeenaDesign Optimization of a Highly Miniaturized Silicon MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for Bio-medical ApplicationsDr. A. Ravi Sankar2019
3S. SaranyaMicro-Structuring of Quartz Substrates using an Electrochemical Discharge Machining Process for Realizing MEMS DevicesDr. A. Ravi Sankar2019
4Atul R. DeshmukVirtual Fatigue Life Prediction of Full Penetration Weld Joints in Off-Highway VehiclesDr. G. Venkatachalam2019
5Ribu MathewDesign and Optimization of a High-Performance MEMS     Piezoresistive Cantilever Surface Stress Sensor with Reduced Thermal SensitivityDr. A. Ravi Sankar2018
6N.SenthilnathanProcessing of Tungsten Heavy Alloys using Spark Plasma SinteringDr. G. Venkatachalam2018
7S. Vimalanand SThe Effect of Plant Fiber’s Transverse Isotropy and Porosity on the Dynamic Characteristics of the Uniform and Thickness Tapered Laminated Composite PlatesDr. G. Venkatachalam2018
8Abhijeet V. MaratheDevelopment of methodology to predict cylinder head bolt pretension for gasketed joint and its effect on engine performance parametersDr. G. Venkatachalam2018
9M. KalaimathiPerformance Analysis of Electrochemical Machining of Monel 400 Alloys and Optimization of Process ParametersDr. G. Venkatachalam2017

M. S. (by Research) Scholars – Completed



Name of the ScholarTitle of the ThesisSupervisorYear of completion
1S. VetrivelDesign and optimization of a MEMS piezoresistive acceleration   sensor with an integrated silicon nanowireDr. A. Ravi Sankar2017
2P. Prabaharan GracerajInvestigations of Mechanical properties of Jute fiber reinforced hybrid polymer matrix compositeDr. G. Venkatachalam2015

Doctoral and M. S. (by Research) Scholars – Ongoing

S. NoName of the ScholarReg. No.Research Area / TopicSupervisor
1K. B. Rajasekarababu14PHD1115Building aerodynamicsDr. G. Vinayagamurthy
2J. Karthik14PHD1170Wind EnergyDr. G. Vinayagamurthy
3S. Nilesh Nandakumar16PHD0207Electromagnetic sheet metal formingDr. G. Venkatachalam
4M. D. V. Satya Swaroop16PHD1102Micro-sensorsDr. A. Ravi Sankar
5S. Lakshmi Narayana17PHD0254Natural fibre compositeDr. G. Venkatachalam
6K. Anusindhiya17PHD1020High-speed aerodynamics/flow control in jetsDr. G. Vinayagamurthy
7S. Gokulakrishnan18PHD1019Acoustic behavior of natural fibre compositeDr. G. Venkatachalam
8Nagasrisaihari Sunkara18PHD1061Damage analysis of natural fibre compositeDr. G. Venkatachalam
9Dinesh R. Salunke18PHD1062Thermal and electrical behaviors of natural fibre compositeDr. G. Venkatachalam
10R. Srinivasan19PHD1079Micro-sensorsDr. A. Ravi Sankar
11S. Aravindh19PHD1147Mechanical behavior of natural fibre compositeDr. G. Venkatachalam
12V. Saminathan19PHD1156Micro-sensorsDr. A. Ravi Sankar
13R. Ezhilarasu19PHD1198High-speed aerodynamics/flow control in JetsDr. G. Vinayagamurthy
14Guru15MTR0008Thermal buckling of natural fibre compositeDr. G. Venkatachalam