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Piezoresistive micro-/nano-cantilever


The piezoresistive micro-/nano-cantilever sensor was designed using the CAD tool, Intellsiuite®

The device was fabricated at the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, through the Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP) program


Doctoral Scholar: Mr. Ribu Mathew


Important publications: 

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Sponsored Project

A research project titled “Thermal-Drift Aware Modeling and Design of Surface Stress based Micro/Nano Composite Cantilevers with Integrated Piezoresistors for Biosensing Applications”, was funded by SERB, DST for an amount of INR 22, 12,100/- (Twenty-Two Lakh Twelve Thousand One Hundred) for a period of 30 months (February 2017 to July 2019)


2) Glass micromachining using Electrochemical Discharge Machining (ECDM)

VITC engraved with a minimum width of around 50 micro-meters

A 3D structure fabricated on a Glass substrate

Cross-sectional view of grooves fabricated on a Quartz substrate using an ECDM process

SEM image of a fabricated planar beam-mass structure with dimensions of 2.5 mm (length) × 2.5 mm (width) × 1 mm (depth)

Optical microscopic images of microchannels fabricated on glass substrates using ECDM processes. The inset pictures in each figure show the focused view of the bottom surface of the microchannels

Doctoral Scholar: Ms. S. Saranya 


Important publications: 

  1. S. Saranya and A. Ravi Sankar, “Fabrication of precise micro-holes on quartz substrates with improved aspect ratio using the constant velocity feed drilling technique of an ECDM process,” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering – Vol. 28, 125009, 2018 (Impact Factor – 1.881)
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  • Design Optimization of ultra-miniature pressure sensors for biomedical catheters


Figure (a) A top view of an ultra-miniature piezoresistive pressure sensor with a zoom-in view of the piezoresistor. The length, width, and thickness of the membrane and piezoresistor are represented as Lm, Wm, Tm and L, W, Tp respectively, and (b) A cross-sectional view of a catheter with a sidewall mounted piezoresistive pressure sensor

Graphical abstract of miniature piezoresistive pressure sensors developed for biomedical catheters

Doctoral Scholar: Ms. K. V. Meena 


Important publications: 

  1. K. V. Meena, Ribu Mathew, Jyothi Leelavathi and A. Ravi Sankar, “Performance comparison of a single element piezoresistor with a half-active Wheatstone bridge for miniaturized pressure sensors,” Measurement, Vol-111, pp-340-350, 2017 (Impact Factor – 3.927)
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K. V. Meena, Ribu Mathew, and A. Ravi Sankar, “Design and optimization of a three-terminal piezoresistive pressure sensor for catheter-based in-vivo biomedical applications,” Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express, Vol. 3, 045003, 2017. (Cite Score – 1.9, Journal published by IoP publishers)