Centre for Innovation and Product Development


The fast pace of technological advances in recent times mandates students to be industry-ready by acquiring broader skills while graduating from the institutes of higher education. In line with the above, the Centre for Innovation and Product Development (CIPD) has been established to act as a forum to enable students to implement their novel, and creative ideas originating from fundamental concepts learned in the classroom and to perpetuate the hands-on knowledge gained in the laboratory into a new product or a novel process.

The CIPD at VIT Chennai aims to develop new hardware and software products that will have a social impact by leveraging exhaustive technology.


  • To develop innovative prototypes and process technologies and transfer the technologies to the industry for product development

Mission :

  • To create an ambiance for interdisciplinary learning by loosening the complexities set by the conventional boundaries of department/school structure
  • To encourage research scholars, students, and faculty members across schools and departments to come together and utilize ideas, perspectives, and exclusive skills to solve problems beyond the scope of a single discipline
  • To carry out product development-oriented research involving cost-effective materials and processes for space-, bio-, and industrial-applications

The primary research areas and objectives of CIPD are:

i) Robotics and Product Development: To design and develop vision sensor integrated algorithms for automatic assembly systems for industries
ii) MEMS and Micro-/Nano-sensors: To develop micro-/nano-scale devices/sensors for space-, environmental-, and bio-sensing applications using innovative processes and low-cost materials
iii) New Material and Product Development: To develop products from natural fiber-reinforced polymer composite materials
iv) Aerodynamics: To develop Aerodynamic aids for better cornering stability and drag reduction on commercial vehicles and
v) Applications of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Sciences for innovative process and product development


S. NoFaculty Member as PI/Co-PI Project TitleFunding AgencyYearsStatusAmount (Rs)
1Dr. A. Ravi Sankar


Design and Development of Glass-based Micro-thrusters without using Lithography for the Propulsion of Micro-/Nano- SatellitesVIT SEED2022-2024Ongoing5,00,000
2Dr. M. Sindhuja (SENSE, PI)


Dr. A. Ravi Sankar


Development of electrochemical sensors for ovarian cancer biomarker detectionVIT SEED2022-2024Ongoing5,00,000
3Dr. K. Rajendra Kumar


Design of Continuous Flow Photoreactor Prototype for the Green and Economical Production of Poly(methylmethacrylate) with Predetermined  Molecular weights in kilogram scaleVIT SEED2022-2024On-going4,55,000
4Dr. G. Vinayaga Murthy



Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC),  Dr. Davidson (SMEC), Dr. Lenin (EVITR)


Optimization of Hybrid Wind-Solar Powered charging Units for National Highways & Other applicationsVIT SEED2022-2024Ongoing4,90,000
5Dr. Lakshmi Priya



Dr. E. Manikandan (CIPD, Co-PI)

Label-Free Nano-biosensor for Dengue Detection using Green – Synthesized Ag coated, n – ZnO / p – Si Heterojunction DiodeVIT SEED2022-2024ongoing2,00,000
6Dr. S. Shoba (SENSE, PI)


Dr. E. Manikandan (CIPD, Co-PI)

Detection and Localization of Soil Microplastics using Novel Non-Invasive Technique with Integrated Deep Learning ModelVIT SEED2022-2024Ongoing3,95,066
7Dr. G. Idayachandran (PI), Dr. E. Manikandan (Co-PI), Dr.Henridass (Co-PI)Portable non-invasive human body hydration sensorVIT – SEED2022Ongoing500000
8Dr.Sheena Christabel Pravin (PI),  Dr. E. Manikandan (Co-PI)Machine Vision-enabled Autonomous Wall
Putty and Painting Robot
VIT – SEED2022Ongoing403000
9Dr. G. Venkatachalam (CIPD, PI)Development of thermally conductive electrical insulators (product) using boron nitride/banana fiber reinforced polymer matrix compositeVIT SEED2021-2023Ongoing1,43,000
10Dr. K. Karunamurthy (SMEC, PI)


Dr. K. Rajendra Kumar


Design and Development of a Microbiological fuel cell integrated Solid Waste ComposterVIT SEED2021-2023Ongoing1,00,000
11Dr. G. Venkatachalam


Investigation on mechanical characterization of cellulose nanofibrils (cnf) reinforced composites obtained through chemical pretreatment and mechanical grindingInstitution of Engineers (India), Kolkata, India2018-2020Completed30,000
12Dr. A. Ravi Sankar


Thermal-Drift Aware Modeling and Design of Surface Stress based Micro/Nano Composite     Cantilevers with Integrated Piezoresistors for Biosensing ApplicationsDST-SERB2017-2020Completed22,12,100
13Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy


Influence of airplane wake vortices on the layout and infrastrcuture of airportsDST- SERB2015-19Completed15,30,000

The list of selected journals in which the CIPD research faculty have published manuscripts with VIT affiliation is given here, with their corresponding 2021 impact factors (published in June 2022).

S. NoJournal TitleImpact Factor
1Nano-Micro Letters23.655
2Materials Science and Engineering: A6.044
4Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation5.131
6Materials and Manufacturing Processes4.783
7Journal of Materials Science4.682
8Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing4.644
9Journal of the Electrochemical Society4.386
10IEEE Sensors Journal4.325

K. B. Rajasekarababu, G. Vinayagamurthy “Assessment of local pressure coefficient over conventional and unconventional tall buildings” In book: Innovative Design, Analysis and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering-2020, Book Chapter ISBN: 978-981-13-2696-7 PP: 145-152 Published by Springer.


The details of the research scholars (Ph.D. and M. S. (by Research)) worked/working under the supervision of the faculty members of the research center are provided hereunder:
Doctoral Research Scholars – Completed

S. NoName of the ScholarTitle of the ThesisSupervisorYear of completion
1K B RAJASEKARABABUComputational evaluation of wind pressure and flow field on and around the setback buildingDr. G. Vinayagamurthy2021
2R. MANJUDevelopment of Chitosan-Based Affordable and Eco-Friendly Desiccants for Environmental ApplicationsDr. K. Rajendra Kumar2020
3S. M. SAKTHIVELVLSI Implementation of Image Watermarking AlgorithmsDr. A. Ravi Sankar2020
4K. V. MEENADesign Optimization of a Highly Miniaturized Silicon MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for Bio-medical ApplicationsDr. A. Ravi Sankar2019
5S. SARANYAMicro-Structuring of Quartz Substrates using an Electrochemical Discharge Machining Process for Realizing MEMS DevicesDr. A. Ravi Sankar2019

The details of the consultancy work carried out (both completed and ongoing) by the research faculty of CIPD jointly with the colleagues of the other Schools and Centres in the recent past are provided hereunder.

S. NoName of the FacultyTopicFunding AgencyDurationStatusAmount (INR)
1Dr. E. Manikandan (CIPD), Dr Chanthini B (SENSE), Dr.E.Papanasam(SENSE)Retro-fit systemMagnitudo Technologies Private Limited2 MonthsOngoing1,08,560
2Dr.P.Subbulakshmi (SCOPE), Dr.E.Manikandan (CIPD)Mobile Application DevelopmentVasthak Pvt.Ltd2 MonthsOngoing25960
3Dr.L.K.Pavithra (SCOPE), Dr.E.Manikandan (CIPD)VR SimulationSIGETECH3 MonthsOngoing15,500
S. No.Name of the EventTitleName of the Coordinators Resource Person DetailsDate
1WorkshopWorkshop on Device Engineering using Visual TCADDr. Lucky Agarwal (SENSE) and  Dr. G. Lakshmi Priya (CIPD)Amit Saini
Director of Cadre Design Systems
21-11-2022 to


2Make-a-thonDesign of High-speed VLSI Circuits using CADENCETM EDA toolsDr. A. Ravi Sankar (CIPD) &   Dr. S. Umadevi (CNVD)Dr. A. Ravi Sankar (CIPD) & Dr. S. Umadevi (CNVD)05-11-2022
3Make-a-thonDomestic appliancesDr. Davidson (SMEC),  Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and Dr. Raghukiran (SMEC)21-04-2022 to


4WorkshopComposites: Materials, Mechanics, Computations, and ApplicationsDr. G Venkatachalam (CIPD), Dr. R Narayanan (SMEC)& Dr. Raja Annamalai (SMEC/Vellore Campus)Dr. G Venkatachalam (CIPD), Dr. R Narayanan (SMEC) &   Dr. Raja Annamalai (SMEC/Vellore Campus)05-01-2022 to


5VAPComputational Fluid Dynamics for TNPESU studentsDr. Sivakumar (SMEC) and  Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD)Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC) and  Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD)15-11-2021 to


6VAPSports Aerodynamics for VIT Chennai studentsDr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and  Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC)Dr. Ramakrishnan, TNPESU15-11-2021 to 01-12-2022
7VAPCFD Applications in Fluid flow and Heat transferDr. Sivakumar (SMEC) and   Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD)Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC) and  Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD)12-07-2021 to


8VAPExperimental and Computational Methods in Bluff Body AerodynamicsDr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and  Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC)Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and  Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC)09/12/2020 to 31/12/2020
9WorkshopMetallurgy for Non-MetallurgistsDr. G Venkatachalam (CIPD),  Dr. R Narayanan (SMEC) & Dr Raja Annamalai (SMEC/Vellore Campus)Dr.A.Raja Annamalai, Dr.R.Narayanan,  Dr. Giribaskar Sivaswamy, Shri. Peranandhanathan.M and Ms. Sukanya14-12-2020 to


10WorkshopCFD analysis of Rotating Machinery (CFDRM)Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC) and  Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD)Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC) and  Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD)19/09/2020
11WorkshopExperimental and Computational methods in Wind EngineeringDr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and  Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC)Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and  Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC)02-02-2019
12WorkshopExperimental and Computational methods in Wind EngineeringDr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and  Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC)Dr. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and  Dr. Sivakumar (SMEC)29/01/2018
S. No.Faculty MemberAwardYear
1Dr. A. Ravi SankarIOP Outstanding Reviewer Award – Measurement Science and Technology2021
IEEE Journal Publication Award2021
IOP Outstanding Reviewer Award – Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering2020
IOP Outstanding Reviewer Award –Nanotechnology2020
IOP Trusted Reviewer Award2020
CTS Best Faculty Award2018
S. No.Foreign Professor and InstitutionName of the FacultyNature of CollaborationDetails
1Dr. Chun-Ping Jen, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Institute of Manufacturing for High-Tech Innovations, National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi 62102, Taiwan
Dr. G Venkatachalam
Research workPublished three research articles
2Dr. Tae Yub Kwon, Department of Dental Biomaterials, School of Dentistry, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, Republic of KoreaPublished a research article


3Dr. Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
4Dr. Achuthan MUNUSAMY, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, National University of Science and Technology, Azaiba, Muscat, Oman, P.O.Box 620
5Dr. Klaudio Bari, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, UK

Apart from the Doctoral research scholars and the students of the M. S. (by Research) program, a few undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students have participated in the research activities with the faculty members of the CIPD to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals. The details are given in the table hereunder.


S. No.Name of the AuthorsUG / PGPaper TitleJournal Title & Impact FactorPublication Details
1Pradhyumn B
Rohit O.P
Omkar A.N
Venkatachalam G
Vignesh P
Dinesh R.S
UGInvestigations on tensile and flexural behaviors of sugarcane fiber/boron nitride/fly ash reinforced polymer matrix compositePolymer Composites IF:3.531, Clarivate indexedVol- 43, pp. 1730-1741, 2022.
2Anirudh V.P
Ajay A.S.K
Akshat A
Venkatachalam G
Loganathan T.G
UGVirtual fatigue analysis of epoxy-based composite reinforced with sugarcane fibre, fly ash, and carbon nanotubesMaterialwissenchaft and Werkstofftechnik IF:1.034, Clarivate indexedVol- 53, pp. 56-67, 2022.
3Arora P
Venkatachalam G
UGDesign and Simulation of an FSAE Impact AttenuatorSAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing, Clarivate indexedVol- 15, pp. 26, 2022.
4Vadivel K.L
Sundararaman K.A
Iyahraja S
Vignesh K.D
Venkatachalam G
Piyush A
UGInvestigations on Mechanical and Morphological Characteristics of Mudar Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesJournal of Natural Fibers IF:3.507, Clarivate indexedVol- 19, pp. 14548-14560, 2022.
5Jeyanthi S
Nividhitha D
Venkatachalam G
Singh R
Sangwan G
UGAn Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Hybrid Epoxy NanocompositesJournal of Electronic Materials IF:1.938, Clarivate indexedVol- 51, pp. 3453-3465, 2022.
6Venkatachalam G
Hemanth V
Logesh M
Arora P
Sivakumar M
Vignesh P
Loganathan T.G
UGInvestigation of Tensile Behavior of Carbon Nanotube/Coir Fiber/ Fly Ash Reinforced Epoxy Polymer Matrix CompositeJournal of Natural Fibers IF:3.507, Clarivate indexedVol- 20,  2022.
7Venkatachalam G
Hitesh B.N
Deshmukh A.R
Senthilnathan N
Achuthan M
Jeyanthi S
Pandivelan C
PGVirtual Fatigue Life Prediction of Back Strip Butt Weld Joint under Bending and Torque Load ConditionsMATERIALS SCIENCE (MEDŽIAGOTYRA) IF:0.854, Clarivate indexedVol- 28, pp. 519-528, 2022.
8Venkatachalam G
Deshmukh A.R
Annamalai A.R
Vignesh P
Gokulkrishnan B
Vijay V
Jen C.P
PGFatigue Life Prediction Using Virtual Strain Gauge for Backing Strip Full Penetration Weld JointJournal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers IF:0.228, Clarivate indexedVol- 43, pp. 127-141, 2022.
9Guru Anand
Venkatachalam G
Senthilnathan N
PGThermal buckling of flax fibre reinforced epoxy laminated composite plate using finite element analysisInternational Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science and Mechanics, Scopus IndexedVol- 23, pp. 219-227, 2022.
10G. Lakshmi Priya
Namita Rawat (21MVD1020)
S Abhishek (21MVD1015)

M. Venkatesh
PGModeling and Simulation of Double Gate Dielectric Stack Silicon Substrate Memristor Circuits for Low Power ApplicationsSilicon, IF = 2.941, SCI IndexedOnline First (2022);                 DOI: 10.1007/s12633-022-01944-9
11Venkatachalam G
Vyas R (16BME1083)
Goswami I
Shah A
Vignesh P
UGFlexural Analysis of Epoxy Polymer Composite Reinforced With Sugarcane Fibre/Fly Ash/Carbon-NanotubeInternational Journal of Surface Engineering and Interdisciplinary Materials Science, Scopus indexedVol- 9, pp. 87-99, 2021.
12Jeyanthi S
Vinothkumar S
Venkatachalam G
Gupta M
Rohan Singh
UGAn Investigation of EMI Shielding Effectiveness of Organic Polyurethane Composite Reinforced with MWCNT-CuO-Bamboo Charcoal NanoparticlesJournal of Electronic Materials IF:1.938, Clarivate indexedVol- 50, pp. 1282-1291, 2021.
13Venkatachalam G
Vyas R (16BME1083)
Goswami I
Shah A
Vignesh P
UGTensile Behaviour of Sugarcane Fibre / Fly Ash / Carbon Nano Tubes Reinforced Epoxy CompositesUPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D Mechanical Engineering, Scopus indexedVol- 83, pp. 181-192, 2021.
14Venkatachalam G
Vimalanand S
Jefferson stanley David
Jeyanthi S
Raja Annamalai S
Jen C.P
PGExperimental and Numerical Analyses on the Buckling Characteristics of Woven Flax/Epoxy Laminated Composite Plate under Axial CompressionPolymers IF:4.967, Clarivate indexedVol- 13, pp. 995, 2021.
15Gokulkrishnan B (18MCD1028)
Venkatachalam G
Deshmukh A.R
PGPrediction of Fatigue Life of Full Penetration Weld Joint Using Thermal Elasto Plastic Properties Incorporating Residual Stress EffectUPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D Mechanical Engineering, Scopus indexedVol- 83, pp. 135-148, 2021.
16Venkatachalam G
Vimalanand S
Raja Annamalai S
Santhnakrishnan M
Vignesh P
Pandivelan C
Giriraj M
Jen C.P
PGDynamic Characteristics of Woven Flax/Epoxy Laminated Composite PlatePolymers IF:4.967, Clarivate indexedVol- 13, pp. 209, 2021.
17Sivakumar M
Venkatachalam G
Hemanth V
Vignesh P
Prashanth P
Vimalanand S
UGStudies on Shear Strength of CNT/Coir Fibre/Fly Ash Reinforced Epoxy Polymer CompositesEmerging Material Research IF 1.795, Clarivate indexedVol- 9, pp. 78-88, 2020.
18Venkatachalam G
Vimalanand S
Tiwari S.K
Mehta N
Shukla S
UGDynamic Characteristics of Honeycomb Sandwich Beam Made with Jute/Epoxy Composite SkinEmerging Material Research IF 1.795, Clarivate indexedVol- 9, pp. 132-140, 2020.
19Venkatachalam G
Sharma S.K
Jangid A.K
Vignesh P
Nilesh S.N
UGInvestigations on Tensile and Flexural Characteristics of Fly Ash and Banana Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Matrix CompositesEngineering Transactions, Scopus indexedVol- 68, pp. 89-101, 2020.
20Venkatachalam G
Sivakiran G
Vishnu P.C
Yash G
Vignesh P
Annamalai K
UGInvestigations on surface roughness of natural (banana / coir / sisal) fiber reinforced hybrid polymer matrix compositesUPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D Mechanical Engineering, Scopus indexedVol- 82, pp. 191-198, 2020.
21Venkatachalam G
Bhardwaj P
Nilesh S.N
Vignesh P
UGDetermination of Fatigue Limit of Coir/CNT/Fly Ash Reinforced Epoxy Polymer Matrix CompositePeriodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, Clarivate indexedVol- 64, pp. 248-255, 2020.
22Guru Anand
Venkatachalam G
Vasudevan R
PGInvestigation on thermal buckling Analysis of Jute/Epoxy Polymer Matrix CompositeEmerging Material Research IF 1.795, Clarivate indexedVol- 9, pp. 1229-1236, 2020.
23Venkatachalam G
Vignesh P
Hitesh B.N
Gokulkrishnan B (18MCD1028)
Pandivelan C
PGInvestigation on Machining Characteristics of Banana Fiber and Silicon Carbide Reinforced Polymer Matrix CompositesEngineering Transactions, Scopus indexedVol- 68, pp. 297-313, 2020.
24Venkatachalam G
Akshay I
Giriraj M
Vignesh P
Aamer A.K
Rishi Dam
UGThe Effect of Fiber Size on Tensile Characteristics of Natural Fiber Reinforced CompositesEmerging Material Research IF 1.795, Clarivate indexedVol- 8, pp. 426-433 2019.
25Venkatachalam G
Reddy D.M
Tiwari S.K
Nilesh S.N
Kovalan S
PGFracture and flexural analysis of sandwich panel with polypropylene honeycomb as core and jute fabric reinforced epoxy matrix composite as skin layerMaterial Research Express IF:2.025, Clarivate indexedVol- 6, pp. 115348, 2019.
26Vimalanand S
Venkatachalam G
Nikam T.D
Jog O.V
Suryavanshi R.T
PGDetermination of Vibrational Characteristics of Coir, Banana and Aloe Vera Fibres Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Matrix CompositesInternational Journal of Acoustics and Vibration IF:0.632, Clarivate indexedVol- 24, pp. 12-19, 2019.
27Venkatachalam G
Vignesh P
Omkar V.J
Tushar D.N
Gautham S
UGDetermination of stress intensity factor (SIF) of coir and aloe vera fiber reinforced hybrid polymer matrix compositesUPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D Mechanical Engineering, Scopus IndexedVol- 80, pp. 219-228, 2018.
28Graceraj P.P
Venkatachalam G
Garg A.S
Afsan M.A
UGDetermination of stress intensity factors of jute fiber-reinforced hybrid polymer matrix compositesComposites: Mechanics, computations, applications IF:0.69, Clarivate indexedVol- 9, pp. 41-50, 2018.
29Jain K
Kumar S
Venkatachalam G
Ayyappan S
UGVibrational analysis of hybrid fabric reinforced polymer matrix curved composite beamsComposites: Mechanics, computations, applications IF:0.69, Clarivate indexedVol- 9, pp. 269-282, 2018.
30Venkatachalam G
Mehta N.H
Shukla S
Gupta Y
Sharma A
Ghosh R
Rajan G
UGExperimental Investigations on Flexural and Fracture Behaviors of Flax Fiber Reinforced Sandwich PanelsInternational review of mechanical engineering, Scopus indexedVol- 12, pp. 231-238, 2018.
31Venkatachalam G
Vignesh P
Banarjee D
Karmakar S
Reddy D.M
UG Analysis of Tensile and Flexural Strengths of Kenaf Fabric reinforced Hybrid Polymer Matrix CompositeComposites: Mechanics, computations, applications IF:0.69, Clarivate indexedVol- 9, pp. 363-379, 2018.
32Kazi A
Dam R
Datta S
Venkatachalam G
Rajan G
UGFlexural and fracture analysis of polymer metal hybrid composite panels reinforced with natural fibersUPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D Mechanical Engineering, Scopus indexedVol- 80, pp. 85-96, 2018.
33Meena K.V.,
Mathew R.,
Leelavathi J (14MVD1027)
Ravi Sankar A
 PGPerformance comparison of a single element piezoresistor with a half-active Wheatstone bridge for miniaturized pressure sensorsMeasurement, IF=5.131, Clarivate indexedVol-111, pp-340-350, 2017
34Saranya S
Nair A (14MVD1019)
Ravi Sankar A
PGExperimental investigations on the electrical and 2D-machining characteristics of an electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) processMicrosystem Technologies,                           IF = 2.012, Clarivate indexedVol-23, 1453–1461, 2017
35Venkatachalam G
Vipin V
Vignesh P
Ghule K
Saluja J.S
UGInvestigation on dynamic behavior of sandwich panels made of aluminium and hybrid polymer and optimization of design parameters using Taguchi methodUPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D Mechanical Engineering, Scopus IndexedVol- 79, pp. 205-214, 2017.
36Harikrushna D
Venkatachalam G
Ayyappan S
PGOptimization of parameters influencing the dynamic behavior of a banana fibre reinforced hybrid polymer matrix compsoitesComposites: Mechanics, computations, applications IF:0.69, Clarivate indexedVol- 8, pp. 35-46, 2017.

Innovations on Process and Product Development

The list of the innovative process and products developed in the recent past and the products being developed at present are provided in the table below:

S. No.Faculty MemberInnovative Product/process developed, including ongoing research works
1Dr. Lakshmi Priyai)          Label-Free nano-biosensor for flavivirus detection

ii)         Non-invasive flexible breath sensor

iii)       AI-Assisted hydroponics system

2Dr. Manikandan Ei)          Hybrid supercapacitor

ii)        Soil health reader

iii)      Retro-fit system, Smart water bottle, and  Fully automated hydroponics system (Under development in collaboration with industries).

3Dr. Rajendra Kumar Ki)          Development of superhydrophobic paper

ii)        Development of heat-resistant transparent glass coating materials

4Dr. Ravi Sankar Ai)          Development of piezoresistive micro-/nano-cantilever sensors for biochemical sensing applications

ii)        Development of glass-based miniature devices for space- and bio-applications

iii)      Development of ultra-miniature pressure sensors for biomedical catheters

5Dr. Venkatachalam Gi)          Electrical Switch from Banana fibre polymer composite

ii)        Mobile stand from natural fibre composite

6Dr. Vinayaga Murthy Gi)           Design and development of bladeless fans

ii)         Development of wind-solar-powered charging units