Centre for Innovation and Product Development (CIPD)

Consultancy Work and Industrial Connectivity


Signed MoU with “Magnitudo Technologies” on 03.08.2023

Technical Areas of Collaboration with Magnitudo Technologies

  • Smart trolley and automation system
  • Automotive electronics
  • Agriculture and health monitoring applications using IoT
  • Future farming techniques
  • Sensors for environmental monitoring applications

The details of the consultancy work carried out (both completed and ongoing) by the research faculty of CIPD jointly with the colleagues of the other Schools and Centres in the recent past are provided hereunder.

Industrial Consultancy (Completed)

S. NoName of the FacultyTopicFunding AgencyDurationStatusAmount (Rs.)
1Dr. E. Manikandan (CIPD), Dr. G. Lakshmi Priya (CIPD)Automated Hydroponics system DevelopmentMagnitudo Technologies Private Limited2 MonthsOngoing34,810
2Dr. A. Ravi SankarCharge – Discharge StudiesAnnamalai UniversityCompleted1888
3Dr. A. Ravi SankarCharge – Discharge StudiesAnnamalai UniversityCompleted300
4Dr. Karunamurthy K, Dr. Davidson J, Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD), Dr. R. SIVAKUMAR, Dr. Manavalla SreekanthThermo-Structural Analysis of Furnace cum Process ChamberVibromech Advanced Technologies, India1 MonthCompleted200000
5Dr. Vinayagamurthy (PI-CIPD), Dr. S. Jeyanthi (Co-PI), Dr. Senthil Kumar. MSeries of studies conducted on various type of composites evaluating the structural and morphological characteristicsBharath Institute of Higher Education & Research3 MonthsCompleted4950
6Dr. E. Manikandan (CIPD), Dr Chanthini B (SENSE), Dr.E.Papanasam(SENSE)Retro-fit systemMagnitudo Technologies Private Limited2 MonthsCompleted108,560
7Dr.P.Subbulakshmi (SCOPE), Dr.E.Manikandan (CIPD)Mobile Application DevelopmentVasthak Pvt.Ltd2 MonthsCompleted25960
8Dr.L.K.Pavithra (SCOPE), Dr.E.Manikandan (CIPD)VR SimulationSIGETECH3 MonthsCompleted15,500
9Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and Dr. R. Sivakumar (SMEC)Determination of pressure drop and efficiency of Automated Grill SystemValeo India Private Limited6 monthsCompleted669,768
10Dr. Richards Joe Stanislaus (SENSE), Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD), Dr. Jeyanthi S (SMEC), Dr. V R Balaji (SENSE) and Dr. Davidson (SMEC)Electromagnetic and Structural Analysis for Flat RadomeST Advanced Composites Private Limited3 monthsCompleted40,120
11Dr. K. Rajendra Kumar (CIPD), Dr. R. Narayanan (SMEC)Protective CoatingsNanocomps2 MonthsCompleted382,000
12Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD), Dr. Raghukiran (SMEC)and Dr. Jafferson (SMEC)3D printing of Miniature wind turbine componentsNeXHS Renewables Private Limited, Chennai10 daysCompleted29,500
13Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and Dr. Davidson (SMEC)Estimation of power characteristics for the Helical type Vertical axis wind turbineST Advanced Composites Private Limited1 monthCompleted35,443
14Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD), Dr. S. Jeyanthi (SMEC) and Dr. Senthil Kumar M (SMEC)Experiments on Glass fiber compositesAcademic Institute1 monthCompleted46,256
15Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD), Dr. Sivakumar R (SMEC)Interference Effects on Unconventional shapes of Tall BuildingsMepco Schlenk Engineering College3 monthsCompleted61,362
16Dr. Lenin N C (SMEC), Dr. Sivakumar R (SMEC), Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy, Dr. Davidson D (SMEC) and Dr. Jafferson (SMEC)Analysis, Design & Electromagnetic Studies of 300Watt induction GeneratorVirkusha Manufacturing Solutions2 monthsCompleted50,000
17Dr. Raghukiran N (SMEC), Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD)3D Printing for components for wind turbine bladesST Advanced Composites Private Limited3 daysCompleted5,710
18Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and Dr. Davidson (SMEC)2D CFD study of Floating Vertical Axis Tidal turbineST Advanced Composites Private Limited1 monthCompleted12,272
19Dr. Davidson (SMEC), Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD) and Dr. Sivakumar R (SMEC)3D CFD of the Floating Vertical Axis Tidal TurbineST Advanced Composites Private Limited4 monthsCompleted356,586
20Dr. G. Vinayagamurthy (CIPD), Dr. Sivakumar R (SMEC)Wind Tunnel TestingMepco Schlenk Engineering College3 monthsCompleted52,000