Centre for Nanoelectronics and VLSI Design

The centre mainly focuses on the design, modeling and fabrication of nano-scaled devices and integrated circuits for the industrial and consumer electronics applications.


To become an internationally renowned centre in the area of Nanoelectronics and VLSI design through high quality research and innovations that caters to the development of our country.


To pursue innovative and cutting-edge research in nano-scaled devices, analog and digital IC design, MEMS and FPGA based systems for industrial and consumer electronics applications.

To advance in electronic product development which provides effective solutions for the societal and industrial needs.
To train engineers and researchers in the field of Nanoelectronics and VLSI design.

The major research areas of the centre are:

  • Low power digital VLSI circuits
  • Analog integrated circuits
  • MEMS and CMOS integration
  • Nanoscale devices and circuits
  • Hardware security
  • FPGA based systems


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Principal InvestigatorsName of


Title of projectTotal AmountPeriod of supportCompleted/ongoing
Dr M C Lenin Babu (PI) and Dr. Ananiah Durai (Co-PI)VIT Seed FundDesign and Development of a Ventilated Hybrid Acoustic Absorber Using Acoustic Meta Materials and ANC for Noise free EV and HomesRs 3.5 Lakhs2022-2025Ongoing
Dr. Prathiba and Dr. V. S.Kanchana BhaaskaranDST -NSMSide Channel Leakage Assessment of Secure Adiabatic Logic Circuit Styles using Deep Learning ApproachRs. 15.6 lakhs2021-2023Ongoing

YEAR: 2023

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Guest Lectures Or Webinars Organized

Research Scholars

Invited Talks

Workshops and FDPs organized

Title of EventsDateCoordinators
Workshop on “Semi-Custom Digital IC Design using ASIC” Oct. 2022Dr. A Prathiba &

Dr. S Umadevi

Cybersecurity Workshop13th Sept. 2022Dr. A Prathiba & Dr. A Anita Angeline
Workshop on “Custom IC Design using Cadence Virtuoso©”12th & 13th Oct 2022Dr.Sasipriya.P & Dr.Anita Angeline A
Workshop on “Semi-Custom Digital IC Design using FPGA”Oct. 2022Dr.Sasipriya.P & Dr.Anita Angeline A


Cadence Virtuoso and ASIC Softwares

Mentor IC Nanometer Design & Verification Software

TCAD Sentuarus Device Simulator

Xilinx ISE Environment with Spartan Kits

Altera Quartus with DE2 Boards

Virtex-5 SXT-ML506 DSP Board

The Zed Board with SOC

Xilinx Zynq Boards

Xilinx XUPV5 Virtex-5 Board

Logic Analyzer



TitleOrganized byAwardeesDatePrize
TFETs in satellite communication



SDSC, SHAR, ISROB Lokesh and Dr. B. LakshmiOct. 2020Third prize