Centre for Nanoelectronics and VLSI Design

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Title of projectTotal AmountPeriod of supportCompleted/ongoing
Dr M C Lenin Babu (PI) and Dr. Ananiah Durai (Co-PI)VIT Seed FundDesign and Development of a Ventilated Hybrid Acoustic Absorber Using Acoustic Meta Materials and ANC for Noise free EV and HomesRs. 3.5 lakhs2022-2025Ongoing
Dr. Prathiba and Dr. V. S.Kanchana BhaaskaranDST -NSMSide Channel Leakage Assessment of Secure Adiabatic Logic Circuit Styles using Deep Learning ApproachRs. 15.6 lakhs2021-2023Ongoing
Dr M Suchetha (PI) and Dr. Ananiah Durai (Co-PI)ISRO, Bangalore.Lower Atmospheric Wind Profile (LAWP)- MST Radar signal processing using Variational Mode Decomposition (VMD) based Adaptive StructuresRs 28.42 Lakhs2019 -2021Ongoing
Dr. B. Bindu (PI), Dr. B. George (Co-PI), Dr. Kaustab Ghosh (Co-PI)DST-SERB (in colloboration with IIT Madras)Development of a SPICE-Compatible Model for Single Event Transients for Circuit Simulations and its Application in SET-Tolerant DLL DesignRs. 44.74 lakhs2016-2019Completed
Dr. B. Bindu (PI)DST-SERBDevelopment of a Modelling Framework for Variability-Aware Design of Strained FinFET based Mixed Signal CircuitsRs. 21.94 lakhs2016-2019Completed
Dr. Ravi Sankar (PI) and Dr Ananiah Durai S (Co-PI)DST-SERBThermal-Drift Aware Modeling and Design of Surface Stress based Micro/Nano Composite Cantilevers with Integrated Piezoresistors for Biosensing ApplicationsRs 28 lakhs2016-2019Completed
Dr. B. Lakshmi (PI)DST-SERBProcess Variational Study and Performance Analysis of Nano-scale MOSFETs and Tunnel FETs: Tunnel FETs based Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits for System-on-Chip ApplicationsRs. 25.27 lakhs2014-2017Completed
Dr. Kaustab Ghosh (PI)DST-SERBGrowth and characterization of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors for high temperature and long wavelength operationRs. 19.5 lakhs2010-2014Completed