Centre for Nanoelectronics and VLSI Design

Research Scholars

Research scholars (ongoing)

Sl. No.Name of the scholarReg. No.CategorySupervisor
1.V. Damodaran13PHD1178IFTDr. Kaustab Ghosh
2.M.Vijaya Bharathi13PHD1209EPTDr. Kaustab Ghosh
3.Sabina Rahaman16PHD1005IFTDr. Kaustab Ghosh
4.Y. M. Aneesh17PHD1017IFTDr. B. Bindu
5.M. M. Sravani17PHD1018IFTDr. Ananiah Durai
6.I. Benjamin18PHD1027IFTDr. B. Bindu
7.Kiran Kolluri S19PHD1001EPTDr. Ananiah Durai
8.Rajashree R19PHD1048IFTDr. Ananiah Durai
9.Aaron James S19PHD1123EPTDr. Ananiah Durai
10.Pugazhenthi R20PHD1132IFTDr. Ananiah Durai
11.Karanam Haritha20PHD1134IFTDr. B. Lakshmi
12.R. Vandhana20PHD1197IFTDr. B. Bindu
13.K. Aiswarya20PHD1214IFTDr. B. Lakshmi
14.Karpagam T V20PHD1226IFTDr. A. Anita Angelene

Junior research fellow (ongoing):

1.K. AiswaryaEmp. ID: 51959Dr. A. Prathiba

Scholars completed Ph.D. with the guidance of centre faculty members:

Scholar NameTitle of ThesisSupervisor NameYear of Completion
P. ManikandanDesign of fast transient low dropout regulator for SoC applicationsDr. B. Bindu2021
Gokuraju ThriveniTheoretical modeling and simulation on the electron transport characteristics in nanoscale double gate MOSFETsDr. Kaustab Ghosh2020
S. R. SriramModeling of Process Variations and Reliability Issues in Multi-Gate MOSFETsDr. B. Bindu2020
G. GugapriyaDesign, Analysis and Implementation of Chaotic System for Secure CommunicationDr. B. Lakshmi2020
M. PownPerformance Analysis of Homo and Hetero-Junction Based Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor for Radiation Hardening and Mixed Signal ApplicationsDr. B. Lakshmi2020
S PoorvashaInvestigation of Homo and Heterojunction based Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistors for RF Performance EnhancementDr. B. Lakshmi2020
K. R. PasupathySingle-event Transients in Nano-scaled Devices and CircuitsDr. B. Bindu2019