Centre for Smart Grid Technologies


  • To develop infrastructure for research and development of smart grid test-bed
  • To focus on product development and patents
  • To encourage start-ups, innovation and establish incubation centres
  • To impart professional training in smart grid technologies
  • To establish theme-based smart grid research park


  • To collaborate with all stake holders to modernize the existing grid structure into a self-healing grid, by developing cutting edge smart grid technologies


  1. To create a smart grid ecosystem for innovation, technology advancement and research
  2. To incubate and facilitate successful deployment of smart grid initiatives
  3. To integrate and strengthen the niche areas of research across multidisciplinary domains
  4. To initiate and establish partnerships with global leaders in smart grid research
  5. To provide a platform and mentor the start-ups on smart grid

Collaboration Avenues

  • To jointly explore research and consultancy avenues in the areas related to smart grid
  • To establish government/industry-sponsored laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities
  • To jointly develop industry-partnered PG/certification programmes
  • To collaborate in publishing patents, product development, research proposals and publications
  • To be a resource partner in conferences, conclaves and various technical events
  • To sign MoU for bilateral knowledge transfer