Sponsored Research

VIT committed to provide excellence in fundamental, applied research as well as development of innovative technologies for the future. Within a short span of time it has executed many major R&D projects and consultancy services to Government agencies, public and private sector, Industries and international institution. VIT’s research strength lies in the strength of our Faculty, Research Scholar, Students in addition to extensive modern facilities and collaboration with leading academic and research organization within and outside the country.

The office of SPORIC serves as the coordinating office for externally funded research and sponsored projects at VIT. The goal of the SPORIC is to assist faculty and professional research staff in their efforts to secure and ensure proper stewardship of external funding.

Office will provide Information regarding funding agency, forms, and thrust areas

Also Office will review, and provide necessary guidance to improve the proposal in line with the requirements of funding agency/industries.

Project Guidelines

Research and Consultancy Brochure
Industry/Research Partners
Translating Research to Tech