Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion Designing is one of the most fancied subjects of all time. While this industry has great potential, people often find it difficult to convince themselves to take up this as a regular subject. Most of the typical Indian parents do not even consider this as a subject. It is such an irony that women in smaller towns or villages are pushed and encouraged to learn tailoring to earn a living. At the same time, urban areas do not see the same amount of motivation given to their children to learn a sophisticated course like this.

Fashion Designing is a subject that deals with many domains like styling, pattern drafting, stitching, and so on. One thing for sure, this is one of the most creative fields to choose from and also is a very engaging subject. There is no specific subject that might uninterest you.

Understanding the field of fashion requires interest and aesthetic sensibilities. One must have a dire passion for it and should have the hunger to create something new and creative. As a very straightforward example, we can say that it is the fashion industry that majorly designs clothes and accessories in movies that often get good recognition for the costumes in it, especially for movies related to rare subjects like mythology or fantasy.


There is no hard and fast rule as to what should or must you study. It all depends on personal and individual interests. If you have an interest in designing clothes and accessories, then fashion technology is the subject. Also, it is one of the industries that never dies.

The demand for clothes is always high, and one can never underestimate the need for new fashion lines in the industry. People love new clothes, and the demand is always going to be there.



Fashion Designing Vs fashion Technology | Scope of Fashion Designing in India

These are two commonly interchanged words in usage. There is a fine line between what we can call fashion designing and fashion Designing. While the former focuses on the creative part like designing apparel, choosing the right colors, embellishments, silhouette style, and so on, the latter deals with the technical part of the creation process. Together they form a process of how cloth is designed and brought out as a stitched fabric with a beautiful design.


Speaking of facts, designing clothes, and stitching them is not the only thing you should take up as a fashion designer. There are immense opportunities out there that can turn your life around. Let us understand what some of the most significant scopes of fashion technology are:

Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

1. Fashion Designer (jr)

Fashion Designer - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion Designer | Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Every fashion student is supposed to create a fashion portfolio as a part of their career projects, and once this is done, that becomes their identity—the better the portfolio, the better the opportunities. Once you complete your studies, the very first thing you can think of is to intern or get trained under an established fashion designer.

You will be given your designation depending on your caliber and talent. While becoming a junior fashion designer is not easy, it is quite an exciting and much-craved job opportunity. This is because it is no joke or a small thing to work under the shelter of a good designer. Most designers do not personally believe in taking juniors but if you do make it, consider yourself smart and lucky!

2. Fashion Blogger/ Content creator

Fashion Blogger - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion Blogger – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

The Internet gives immense opportunity to fashion designers. Who says you should find a job once you have completed your studies? Just open any social media site and look for fashion bloggers. You will be amazed to see how they grow and what they do with their career.

A fashion blogger is considered an icon of style for many people, and it makes people go in awe when they see any new fashion style and design created by them. You can post pictures, make creative videos, and whatnot. The social media platform is your ocean, and you get to swim in immense opportunities.

3. Fashion influencer and marketer

Fashion Influencer - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion Influencer – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

The best perks of being an influencer is to get to enjoy the products. Fashion influencers get highly paid by brands to promote their products. If you are an extreme fashion blogger and have a good number of followers, this is the right thing to choose from.

A fashion influencer creates a market faster than the brand can do through their commercials. When you can show them the power of your marketing and influencing skills, brands will no longer stop or think a minute before hiring you.

4. Slow Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion Industry – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

With a changing world and change in fashion trends, slow fashion has now become the new go-to option. Slow fashion stresses upon sustainability and environment awareness than the fancy things related to this profile.

Unlike fast fashion, slow fashion encourages people to buy high-quality products that last longer than buying short-lived ones and also to cut down animal-based fashion products like leather, silk, and so on. If you are an eco-friendly person and do have concerns about the impact of the fashion industry on the planet, this sector is the right one for you.

You can become a promoter, a marketer, an influencer, and also a creator of slow fashion products. You can collaborate with brands that do slow fashion or work for them.

5. Costume Designer in Movies

Costume Designer in Movies - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Costume Designer in Movies – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

The movie industry is the big fish if you are into fashion designing. Movie production houses love hiring budding designers. Though they don’t give a full-time role unless you are extremely established, they do give opportunities to new designers by taking them in the production house. You can also try and work for small ad firms for starters.

6. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Entrepreneur – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Why should you not think of being your own boss? Yes, the fashion industry is indeed full of cut-throat competition and it takes a long time to climb up the ladder of success, you have to at some point of time work on creating a name, and an identity for yourself.

You can always look out to opening a boutique in your name or do a small-time business from home. Whatever be it, there’s always the joy of having things on our own and out of our caliber and will. The critical point to remember if you are starting on your own is not to give up. The road ahead might be tough but just keep working hard.

7. Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Personal Stylist – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

There are so many stars and people out there that prefer having a personal stylist. Personal stylists are known to earn more as they cater to the needs of one individual at a time, and curating a personal style is a challenging task. And for this, people are ready to pay a reasonable amount.

Personal stylists are needed for people who take fashion seriously and are often in the limelight. You will get to style them for press meets or award functions or photoshoots as well.

8. Technical Designer

Technical Fashion Designer - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Technical Fashion Designer – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

While designing is an entirely different part, constructing the garment and giving it life is another. Designers are many as it is more to do with creativity. On the other hand, very few students opt for subjects like garment construction and structuring.

This is because this subject requires a lot of brain work and is often challenging. This is another reason why there’s a high demand for this area of the subject. If you are interested in calculations or measurements and so on, this is the right pick for you.

9. Working For Brands

Working For Brands - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Working For Brands – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

There are numerous brands out there that need designers to keep their new line of clothes launching back to back. Brands like Reliance, Max, and Pantaloons or so come up with seasonal designs.

They look simple but elegant. Prominent designers do not work on projects like these as it requires a lot of time to spend in understanding customer preferences in the retail industry. Budding designers, on the other hand, have all the time in their hands to explore and understand the same and come up with design ideas.

10. Working in the industry with machinery

Working in Fashion Industry - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Working in Fashion Industry – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Are you a person who gets fascinated by seeing big machinery or an industry floor? Well, if there’s anything that the fashion industry needs to survive, it is the raw materials. It ranges from the dyeing industry to manufacturing cotton and so on.

Check for a shop floor that might need a quality analyst or a supervisor to control the working conditions there. This can be one of the best opportunities to witness the manufacturing process from close.

11. Teaching

Teaching - Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Teaching – Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

Many people are passionate about fashion designing but do not prefer getting into the actual designing line. For such students, teaching can be taken as an option. This way, you also get to create great minds and produce the industry’s finest designers.

Fashion as a subject is enormous, and there’s an option for everyone in it. It all depends on how you see it and what you would like to take up as a profession. While there are still parents out there who think a course like this is only a passing time, you can prove them wrong by creating a high identity for yourself. After all, fashion is what we create, and we still see some trends live longer than human life!


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