Step By Step Admission Process in Engineering College in Chennai

Step By Step Admission Process in Engineering College in Chennai

The dream

Are you a proud aspirant of Engineering? Then this blog is definitely for you. Engineering has been in great demand for a long time now. Even after having so many other options for subjects to choose from, many parents and students still feel engineering is the best option. As we all know, the seeds of becoming a professional are sown right from childhood. Parents want their children to be the best of all, and they struggle hard to give them everything they need to accomplish this in their life. This also goes for finding a suitable and well-renowned university for the child once they are ready to take the next step in life. They want them to study from the best institution to prove their worth and get placed in a good company.

New Beginnings

This is when the students have a strong vision to become an engineer. Aspirants are waiting for their higher education to complete so they can get into their dream engineering college. Over some time, many changes took place in the process of admissions to get into an engineering college. Besides various regulations that restrict the total number of seats made available to engineering students, the demand for this subject has never gone down. This has only made students more competitive. If you are also looking out to become one, here’s a step by step admission process to engineering college in Chennai.

Your admission to an engineering college may be subject to various factors. The top three factors that govern your engineering admission in 2020 are:

● The choice of an institution that has a particular affiliation
● The availability of your choice of course
● The counseling procedure for that institution

There are plenty of engineering colleges in the state spread across various areas. They are huge in numbers. It does seem confusing to settle down with one. But if you already have a dream engineering college that you want to get into, then you are sorted!

So, speaking of getting admitted into an engineering college, here is a simplified explanation to it. If you are new to knowing anything about engineering, then this is a must-read for you.

Let us see how students narrow down to the one among so many options for engineering colleges. Here’s how most students do this process:

Step By Step Admission Process in Engineering College in Chennai

Step 1:

Firstly, they narrow down the options for the choice of subjects they are willing to take. Mechanical and electrical engineering is among the most preferred options even to date. However, there are so many other unique branches of engineering that not many prefer. If you would like to explore something new, then you can ideate more about aerospace engineering, harbor and ocean engineering, genetic engineering, naval architecture and offshore engineering, and many more. Tip – Do not go by what others say. Understand and analyze the options that are in front of you to pick the right one for you.

Step 2:

The second step in this narrow down process is choosing the right institution. This is governed by the factor of your choice of, course, being available there. Most students prefer the grade one boat like the IITs or the NITs. If you are looking for other options, then there are many reputed private universities with a good reputation.

Step 3

The last step in deciding the choice of college is based on your expectation from it. It can be the campus life, the location, the fee structure, and so on.

This is a basic three-step process that any student does to figure out the kind of engineering college they want to get in. Okay, so what is after this? It is the engineering admission process itself! Here’s how admissions for engineering in 2020 is made. The best thing about admissions in 2020 for engineering in Chennai is that everything is online and digitized. You don’t have to step out and run for forms or photocopies to submit.

Application Forms

The first step in this process is to acquire an application form. The application form is the primary step to entering the line to land your favorite dream engineering college. Some of the primary documents would be 10th and 12th mark sheets, ID proof like Aadhaar or PAN card, and so on.

Entrance Exams

The gate to engineering colleges opens only when you have scores from the entrance exam in your hand. A nationwide examination is held every year to pick the right candidate to apply. Exams like JEE Main is the primary requirement. Besides, there are also private institutions’ exams that students can take-up to get into college.


After you get your entrance examination scores, based on your ranking, you will be called for counseling. Counseling is the most important and the most awaited part of any admission process. This is because it is in this step that you will be given admission to your dream college based on the availability of seats for your course.

Counseling by itself is a whole separate chapter in the process of engineering. The demand for various courses and the narrowed interest of many students to one stream makes it more difficult. Counseling is generally done based on first come first serve. So gear up to beat the others to reach the table to get enrolled.

In counseling sessions, you will get to choose your choice of specialization in a college of your choice. However, with the demand in hand most times you might not get your choice of course and so at that time you are put on a waitlist. Your number moves up if someone drops off the list. On the other hand, you are also given an option to choose from other courses available at the institution. It is up to you to make your choice on this. This is how engineering admissions 2020 in Chennai works.

The Rollercoaster

The process of getting into an engineering college is lengthy. Sometimes you might have to wait for a month or two to get your turn for counseling. Admissions in 2020 are the same as any other year. Students pour out from across the country to pick their interest and choice, of course, in their choice of college/university.

The key, however, is to not breakdown if you don’t exactly get what you want. Like mentioned above, there are so many more exciting branches in the field of engineering that are often ignored or left unexplored. You will always have another way if not one. The whole rollercoaster process is worth and will be a thing of the past when you land at your choice of institution.


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