Valeo Centre of Excellence

Valeo Centre of Excellence

Inaugural and commissioning of the Valeo Centre of Excellence:

M/S Valeo India (represented by Mr. jaji Vijayaraman, Ms. Charumathi Sukumaran and other personnel) has been very appreciative of the cooperation rendered in commissioning the centre and in other joint research activities
Collaborative activities with VALEO as well as possible collaborative areas are listed below.
VIT and VALEO collaboration activities are listed here:
Students Focused:
· Recruitment of VIT Graduands (UG/PG/PhD)
· Providing Internships
· Guest lectures by industry experts
· Industrial Visits to Students
· Evaluating the student works/Projects as examiners
· Conduct of Makeathons, Hackathons on industry challenges given by Valeo
Valeo Employees Focused
· Ph.D admissions & PG Programme
· Technology Development Training and Short Term Certification Programmes
· Industry Participation in attending the workshops/Conferences
· Collaborative research projects with partial funding
Possible Collaborative Areas
· Mechatronics & Hardware integration
· Electrical
· Software
· Electric Vehicles


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