People’s Choice Winner : Wearable Tracker for Disasters

People’s Choice Winner : Wearable Tracker for Disasters

Rajashri Mahato(19BPS1130) and Saadhikha Shree S(19BPS1075) had taken part in BorderHacks 2021, organized by the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and have been awarded the People’s Choice Winner for the project titled “Wearable Tracker for Disasters”.

The details have been listed below :

About Borderhacks:
BorderHacks is about cross-border solidarity, first and foremost. The Borderhacks team strives to connect students in Windsor and Detroit and encourage the development of forward thinking projects in the industries that thrive right here !

The link for borderhacks is :

Team Name : Tech Phantoms

Participants in the Team :

Rajashri Mahato (19BPS1130)
Saadhikha Shree S (19BPS1075)

Shortlisted teams for PEOPLE’s CHOICE:
1) Winparks
2) Antive
3) AccessMe
4) Wearable Tracker for Disasters

Prize :
1000 Canadian Dollars along with winner’s certificate.


Wearable Tracker


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