VIT Winners of Digital Edition in Toycathon 2021

VIT Winners of Digital Edition in Toycathon 2021

We proudly and pleased to share the details of the Winners of Toycathon 2021 Digital Edition from VIT University, Chennai.

Team Name: PRIMIS
Team Mentor: Dr. M. Priyaadharshini, Associate Professor, SCOPE
Team Members:
Umashankar – 17BCE1042
Abhav Thakur – 18BLC1087
Rohith Das – 19BEE1088
Yashi Srivastava – 19BLC1065
Aanya Jain – 18BCE1067

Project: IoT Through AR, it is a gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality App for learning IoT course

Toycathon 2021 was initiated in January. All over India, 17,000+ teams applied for this competition in the physical and digital category. 2471 teams were selected for the grand finale which was held between 22 to 24th June 2021. We completed 2 rounds of evaluation on 23rd June. We were selected for the “Power Judging Round” among 250 – 290 teams all over India.117 teams have been announced as winners for the physical and digital categories(School, Colleges/Universities, Industries)


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