Voice-IT the first-ever Radio Station of VIT-Chennai. At Voice-IT, we overhaul almost every experience of yours in VIT Chennai. We try to bring out the talents of our fellow-mates to light. We, through our all possible mediums of Radio, Website and Social Media, update you regarding the campus events.
We go On-Air in five languages English, , Hindi, Tamil Telugu, and Malayalam. We conduct many interviews, competitions, live student activities in the campus and many more On-Air. We operate in such a way that the Radio-Station will be On-Air always. Our tagline is FEEL THE RHYTHM and our vision is to “Pull up the stakes of your wearisome day with our talent-studded events”.

Hey guys!

Welcome to the Voice-IT family!

We are VITC’s very first radio station! In English,Hindi,Tamil,Telugu and Malayalam, Voice-IT is set for an amazing year full of fun, masti and josh! We can’t wait for you guys to see us live and on-air!

From comedy shows to sports, Voice-IT caters to all… funny bones and sports fanatics.

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