WAIDatathon 2021-Asia Pacific (APAC)

WAIDatathon 2021-Asia Pacific (APAC)

Hearty Congratulations to the team which came up as the Second Runner up and was awarded a cash prize of $750 in WAIDatathon 2021-Asia Pacific (APAC) held on March 13, 2021.

1. Saumya Bhardwaj – 19BCE1067
2. Nitika Verma – 19BCE1060
3. Kinshuk Dua – 19BCE1048
4. Azam Siddiqui – 19BCE1092

Mentors: Dr.John Sahaya Rani Alex – WAI – VIT Event Coordinator

Very happy to note that 7 teams from VIT Chennai competed in the event.

We all heartily wish them many more such laurels!


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