Why VIT is the Best Choice For Law School

Why VIT is the Best Choice For Law School

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) is an established and prestigious institute. It’s a household name among the top tier colleges of India and has been among the most esteemed colleges of all time. It was ranked the number 1 private university for innovation as recognized by ARIIA, Govt. of India and has won many such accolades in past few years. It offers a variety of courses ranging from Engineering to law and has a greater presence in abroad too. They are also deemed to be the best college for law in Chennai. They offer different masters courses, have international accreditation, and have created a lot of innumerable opportunities for students in general. VIT has also one of the best law colleges in Chennai

VIT School of Law (VITSOL) comes under the umbrella of the VIT institute and is one of the leading law schools in Chennai. This law school has been part of the legal legacy since 2014 and has been providing legal services ever since. The college, in spite of being a new entry, has all the amenities that are required to enhance the overall legal knowledge of the students. Being one of the best law colleges in Chennai, it has a wider scope in Law as a whole. Let us see the benefits of studying in this prestigious institute-

Why VIT is the Best Law College in Chennai

1. Knowledgeable faculty

Professors and all the teaching staff act as a backbone for all the institutions in general. VITSOL has credible and genuine faculties who nurture the virtuous and talented students in the field of Law and have been a guiding lamp for all the students. 75% of faculty members hold a doctoral degree in various branches of law and all are known for their excellent individual teaching as well as motivating the students and pushing them to work harder.

2. Diverse Courses

VITSOL being one of the best law colleges in Chennai has a variety of courses to offer in the legal field, B.A., LL.B (Hon’s), and B.B.A., LL.B (Hon’s). In addition to this, it also offers masters in this specific field. The courses are knowledge-oriented and the entire curriculum revolves around the legality & self-development. The school also offers doctoral programs that add up a better culture and makes the environment more knowledgeable.

3. Best moot court interactions

Why VIT is the Best Choice For Law School

Moot courts are simulated courts where students participate for a deeper insight into the real scenario of the courtroom. VITSOL has the best moot courtroom practice and real-time judges who grace the court and guide the future lawyers in the right path and also help them in their future endeavors. The moot courts are lively on the campus as a lot of spectators come and experience this live court interaction. Moot courts are an important learning aspect for LLB and are always be given utmost importance.

4. The taste of delicious food

VIT is also famous for its food. At the end of the day, food is also an important priority and is given equal importance with the hunger for legal dominance. VIT offers a variety of food on its campus and also to satisfy the taste buds, they offer different cuisines to maintain a healthy balance of food culture. The campus also has food retail outlets and keeps in mind the hygiene of the food made.

5. Various cultural events

A college isn’t complete if not for its events and extra activities that elevate the mood of students and make them ready for the changing corporate law surroundings. VITSOL has been conducting a lot of events related to the law for the past few years. The events namely are National seminar on goods and service tax (GST), 3rd VITSOL National Moot Court Competition on International Law 2018, and much more. These activities not only keep the student engaged but also help them get a better insight into the law as a whole. These events are organized frequently and are kept up to date.

6. Sports

Physical well being is important and goes hand in hand with education. VITSOL has a lot of sports areas that help students focus on fitness and keeps track of the overall health. This humongous campus houses a track and field court on the football field. There are both indoor and outdoor facilities available, and the entire department focuses on organizing different sports events. The sports coordinators are well acquainted and knowledgeable in their own expertise.

7. Housing facilities

Commuting is easy when it comes to VITSOL, buses are available for in and around Chennai, which makes it an ideal place for studying. College buses are also available for grabs. There is a provision for hostel facilities and the food is hygienic at the same time. The hostels are very spacious and there are rooms that are available air-conditioned.

There are a lot of fests that VIT organizes, “Vibrance” being one of them. This national day fest has a lot of events and portrays youth and culture. The technical event called “TechnoVIT” also attracts a lot of crowd from different parts of the country who have a keen knowledge of Technical aspects. There is a student council for different departments that brings out the inner talent of students and also helps them explore different ways of showcasing their skills.

All in all, VITSOL is a huge diverse campus which can help the aspiring law students to dive into the depths of the legal services that are there in our country and help them be a better human being. This is one of the best law colleges in Chennai and has a huge potential of producing the best lawyers that this country. Concluding with a quote said by Marcus Tullius Cicero that “The safety of people shall be the highest law”.